Social Pollution ! / Chemical Pollution ! / Mainstream Media Pollution.

Its a proven fact that chemical pollution harms the physical body ,

Whether its factory carbon monoxide ,fuel pollution or the chemicals used’

In our food and drinks.Beside the deadly pollution of substance  addictions.

But the devastation and harms which come from social pollution are more dangerous .

Social pollution  have a greater effect on people’s  lives and our existence..

Social pollution is embodiment of lack of spiritual teaching,lack of faithfulness,

Morals,family unity and values.Many people are distancing themselves from the

Source of truth and happiness .They are denying God in their lives.

Mainstream media and social media’s pollution is purring more oil into the fire .

Liberalism trying to deny us our civil rights and our freedom ,our  free will.

They are defending the enemy and upholding failures and ignorance.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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