Freedom Of Religion Doesn’t Mean Killing The Innocents ! / Heartless Islamic Jihadist Mother.

San Bernardino,Southern California Massacre of 12/2/2015 was carried out by a Muslim Jihadist couple.(Husband and Wife) They killed 14 persons and injured 17 others.The victims were celebrating a Christmas luncheon .

The mother Jihadist abandoned her 6 month old baby to join her husband to execute his barbaric terrorist attack,killing innocent Americans .This mother’s  savage  Mission was more important than her baby daughter. the couple were radicalized  in Saudi Arabia and apparently  financed with Saudi oil money.Killing the infidel was their uttermost motivation .(11/13/2015 Paris terrorist Attack.)

Islamic jihadisim has one motivation , to kill the non Muslims everywhere in the world including those democrats and liberals who are befriending  and defending these murderers . Hilary Clinton attacking the gun lobby .Does she has a plan to stop the suicide bombers and the home made bombs like the ones used in Boston marathon massacre????

Remember the terrorists Jihadists who carried out the 9/11/2001 massacre 18 of them were Saudis (the faithful sons of Saudi Arabia).The Saudis hate and despise The Americans because   Americans  respect women and consider them 100% equal .  Women can drive a car and become Army generals ,Senates and Governors .   Jihadist hate  free society that  love liberty ,equality and justice. Women in Saudi Arabia are deprived of their human and civil rights ,but they are radicalized to  become jihadist to kill the non Muslims .Muslim women are becoming suicide bombers to fulfill their jihadism  obligation.

Liberals and Ultra democrats believe  falsely .”Islamic Extremism and ISIS  are CONTAINED  Really??? Al-Qaeda is on the run ,terrorism is decimated.Is it really ? This jihadist couple  had enough ammo and guns  to kill 10000 people . Liberals and Muslim Leaders blame everything but never their hateful religious ideology and Jihadism.They are always right and the rest of the people are wrong.

TASHFEEN MALIK the terrorist ,jihadist mother gave motherhood in Islam a new name. Her Merciless,hateful,and inhuman heart sacrificed her 6 old  daughter for the SAKE OF HER ALLAH to kill the infidels.Her peaceful religion was her only belief.

Our heroes and heroines , police men and women ,the service men and women ,the fire fighters ,the FBI deserve  our gratitude every day for their bravery to protect us and defend our precious freedom.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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