Heart ! / Mind ! / Torment ! / Affection and The Love .

Love and affection in the Arabian desert captivate the uttermost human’s ,

Senses,emotions and desires.Pure ,honest ,faithful  yet so provocative .

Loving a woman in the Arabian deserts transcends even the point of ,

Admiration and worshiping.Infatuated poets depict their compassion,

Like the phoenix yearning to reach the threshold of the heavens,on the ,

Verge of getting exhausted ,before death captures their souls.

The purity of their love burns them to ashes yet from the ashes ,

They rise again to a new rebirth to their timeless youthfulness.

Their souls seems to be in existence since the universe existed.

For as long their hearts beat ,they live their inspiration and thrive.

The poet in the Arabian desert is like the sparrows ,but he knows not,

How the sparrows live ages and ages ,how they nest and raise their chicks.

How they teach them to be resilient to survive ,  they are wanderers ,

Even though they have their freedom in the vast skies. The joyous melodies,

They hum motivate them to face all the challenges life might bring.

Often a poet suffers the agony for loving a lady who doesn’t love him in return.

Who foresees his helplessness ,remoteness and his solitude.

My love you are not getting nearer ,

And l can’t defy the tribe’s rules.

l am forbidden to get close to you.

l am but a chick sparrow in a child palm.

He squeezes it between his fingers ,

Causing the chick , the cup of death to drink.

The child is amused ,playing his game.

Not knowing what he is doing or why ?

And the chick has no feather to set itself free and F L Y .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com))

Tender Loving Heart ! / Splendid Gift.

Your tender loving heart,

Fills my life with joy.

The sweetness of your whispers ,

Your  charming gazes and looks,

Make my existence a wonderful ,

Gift to have and to live.

After all these years,l still see you ,

As l saw you for the first time my dearest dear.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Jubilation ! / Beautiful Substance.

How beautiful its to celebrate ,

our days mornings and nights .

To celebrate the changing of the seasons.

As we journey through our lives.

To Celebrate the excellence of relatives and friends.

To celebrate those who helped us to succeed and thrive.

Every morning is a celebration of new birth ,

To bring laughter and smiles to every one we love.

To embrace the others with wide open arms.

How beautiful its to celebrate those who cross our path.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

On The Porch ! / Can It Happen ?

In 2009 l interviewed a bankrupt Cambodian millionaire who contributed $3 million,

To George Bush’s presidential campaign in 1988.In 1960  he was 19 years old when he fled his country and came to America as a refugee.He settled in Los Angeles ,living with his friends.

Working 16-20 hours a day in a Doughnut  shop ,withe the next 25 years he was able to build,

An empire owning 30 Doughnut  shop.In 2000 he was invited to Las Vegas as a guest speaker .

When he left Las Vegas few days later he had lost 10 million dollars on Baccarat Table.

Within  9 years he lost every dollars he owned . Now he lives on the porch of his friend’s house ,in Long Beach.

Before l left him ,his friend told me .”If he gets his hand on a five dollar bill he will find a way to go to a local Casino.His friend thinks that he lost a fortune of 35 million dollars on gambling.

(( Its hard to Build but its easy to destroy .Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wwordpress.com))