Monumental Successful People ! / Fanaticism.

Over the last fifty years ,multitude of well known Muslim women and men,

Have taken the issue of Islamic extremism very seriously in their lives.

Their works are a clear testament of the ordeals they endured  Facing  fanaticism.

These brilliant Women and men tried sincerely to expose the Islamic Jihadism and violence ,but they were  threatened ,fought against and were rejected by the fanatic religious leaders,Sheikhs, Immams  and brutal  dictators.

The ones who are alive , live in hiding fearing for their life and  for their loved ones. Below l mention the very few.

Dr. Taha Hussein ,the Egyptian author and thinker.(Converted to Christianity )

Dr. Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian women’s advocate and author.Resides in the USA.

Dr.Ali Al Wardi Iraqi author and sociologist .Human rights and equality advocate.

Ms.Ayaan Hirsi Ali ,the Somalian women’s advocate and professor.Resides in the USA.Author , the book ” Infidels”)

Mr. Salman Rushdie , the British -Pakistani author .Resides in England.(Author ,the book “satanic verses “)

Dr.Wafa Sultan ,Syrian Physician and author.Resides in the USA.

Nobel Prize winner Najib Mahoz best Arab author.( The boo.” Children on our ally”)

This is how Muslims appreciate  and reward their fellow geniuses .

The 1% Moderate Muslims are vioceless because they are being  constantly silenced by the 99%.( There are 1.6 Billion Muslims world wide. 80% Sunni Muslims  and 20 % Shia’t  Muslims.All terrorist groups are Sunni under the black banner of hate and bloodshed.)


Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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