Baseless !/ Illegitimate !/ Inhuman Movement.(Post # 701)

Throughout history’s centuries and even in nowadays .

Every baseless and illegitimate religion, cult, heresy, paganism , ideology ,

Gang, dictatorship , movement uses violence and commit barbaric atrocities ,

To subdue and silence everyone who opposes or exposes their deception and falsehood.

These  savage terrorist and jihadist massacres across the world are the very proof  of this  Islamic  extremist Movement.Its time to reject hypocrisy ,ill thoughts,ignorance and weakness to face this global threat to our very existence regardless of faith or affiliation.

Mr.Rhetoric ,do you know who is financing these Syrian refugees to travel the world and carry out massacres ?It’s the oil money.Its the Islamic jihadist supporters money.Hatefulness is a deadly epidemic.

Mrs.Hilary ,you refuse to say Islamic terrorism,because there are decent Muslims.How do you know ?All Muslims believe in One Islamic K o r a n .Have you ever read the Islamic  K o r a n ?  Mrs. Clinton whenever you have time  read these chapters from the Islamic  Koran ,# 9,8,5,32,15,24,34.Then tell people what you think about these jihadists. Enough weakness,enough Godlessness and blindness.Stop insulting the American voters who love America dearly.Mr.Sanders climate change did not blow up the Russian Plane ,did not commit the terrorist attacks in Paris .Hypocrisy is stillness .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-




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