Paris ,Friday 13,2015 ! / Another Sept.11 Massacre ! / ISIS Declared War On The World Through Paris.

The weakness of the Western leaders is emboldening the Islamic terrorism to dare,

And challenge the civilized world by carrying out six atrocious terrorist attacks ,

In the heart of Paris.The inhuman Islamic state murderers killed more than 158 innocent French people and wounded hundreds others.

Did these victims publish a book exposing  Islam ?

Did these victims insulted Islam or the Messenger?

Did these innocent souls held a cartoon contest of Islamic Icons?

The Islamic Jihadism has one and only one OBJECT ,to plant  horror ,invade the

World  and eradicate the disbelievers .(whoever rejects Islam )

No matter how Muslims twist the truth,Islam gave birth to JIhadism and Islamic extremism.

The truth is mightier than their excuses and their ideology.ISIS is not From Mars.!

Those who exposed Islam like Salman Rushdie are in hiding.Do you know why?

Flooding Europe with Syrian refugees is an ISIS Conspiracy.Wake up Europe.

Yesterday Mr.B.H.Obama said ISIS is contained.Are they really Mr.Obama?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

((Je Suis Charlie and these victims are crying for Justice.The Victims of Sept.11 are crying for Justice.There is no life in those whom we are calling.))

ISIS  decapitated American ,French,British.Japanese citizens /United Nation was silent.

ISIS burned humans in cages like animals ./The World was silent  and blind.

ISIS Drowned humans to death inhumanly and the West is silent and deaf.

ISIS butchered Thousand of Christians and Yazidis and the world is Silent.

Must terrorist attacks happen in  Paris  to wake up  the world conscience and make  the Western powers to realize the catastrophe they created by being silent and blind since JUNE 2014.????Weakness begets defeat and ignorance begets failure.!!!!!!!!!

((((((  N o t h i n g can Justify the killing of an innocent human being.,no law,no religion,no faith, no belief,no ideology ,no philosophy or earthly power. )))))))


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