Pedestal Syndrome II ! / Customized Achievements !

The pedestal syndrome is not a new phenomenon in our present modern time.

The customized achievements , events , Greed , wants and needs drive the many,

of every age to place their heroes ,heroines , idols , false prophets and politicians ,

On high pedestal.They do it unconscionably even if these idols are untrustworthy or dishonest.

They convince themselves that these elites will give them whatever they want.Because they are exceptional,unique and different.They believe ,these are the  chosen ones . They ignore the scandals ,the debacles,the deception and their selfishness.The liberals are serving their own agendas making the naive to believe they can turn dust to gold .Now they are putting H.R.Clinton on high pedestal despite her disrespect for the American people by not telling the truth about,Benghazi,the email and the Clinton foundation.Her trustworthy   rate dipped to 35%.Laughter and rhetoric will not do the job.Mr.Sanders gave her a free gift when he said the American people are sick hearing about the Clinton’s emails.Mr . Sanders did you asked every American about the matter??

Is Hilary Above the law,to deny the people  the right to know what really happened to the receiver?What did she really achieved since 1988? Is she really the women’s champion.,the poor,the deprived, the sick ,the immigrants  and the thousand innocent who been butchered by terrorism?

Is this the democracy the liberals want to implement in the USA ??Is this what people looking forward to? These are few of Barack Hussein Obama’s achievement during  the last 7 years.

  1. Adding 8 trillion dollars on the deficit.2)Pulling the American army from Iraq.3) Releasing 5 Taliban  terrorists in exchange for a deserter. 4)Ukraine disaster.5)He stood in the UN telling the world that the Benghazi terrorist attack  of  9/11/2012 was caused by a hoax video.6)In 2009 there were 28 million welfare recipients today there are over 50 million of them.7)The catastrophic  nuclear deal with Iran.8)Shaking hands with the Cuban Tyrant Raul Castro. 11 previous American Presidents refused to do so. Etc,,etc,etc,etc,etc. Beside the red line tragedy.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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