On The Porch ! / Can It Happen ?

In 2009 l interviewed a bankrupt Cambodian millionaire who contributed $3 million,

To George Bush’s presidential campaign in 1988.In 1960  he was 19 years old when he fled his country and came to America as a refugee.He settled in Los Angeles ,living with his friends.

Working 16-20 hours a day in a Doughnut  shop ,withe the next 25 years he was able to build,

An empire owning 30 Doughnut  shop.In 2000 he was invited to Las Vegas as a guest speaker .

When he left Las Vegas few days later he had lost 10 million dollars on Baccarat Table.

Within  9 years he lost every dollars he owned . Now he lives on the porch of his friend’s house ,in Long Beach.

Before l left him ,his friend told me .”If he gets his hand on a five dollar bill he will find a way to go to a local Casino.His friend thinks that he lost a fortune of 35 million dollars on gambling.

(( Its hard to Build but its easy to destroy .Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wwordpress.com))


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