Monumental Successful People ! / Fanaticism.

Over the last fifty years ,multitude of well known Muslim women and men,

Have taken the issue of Islamic extremism very seriously in their lives.

Their works are a clear testament of the ordeals they endured  Facing  fanaticism.

These brilliant Women and men tried sincerely to expose the Islamic Jihadism and violence ,but they were  threatened ,fought against and were rejected by the fanatic religious leaders,Sheikhs, Immams  and brutal  dictators.

The ones who are alive , live in hiding fearing for their life and  for their loved ones. Below l mention the very few.

Dr. Taha Hussein ,the Egyptian author and thinker.(Converted to Christianity )

Dr. Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian women’s advocate and author.Resides in the USA.

Dr.Ali Al Wardi Iraqi author and sociologist .Human rights and equality advocate.

Ms.Ayaan Hirsi Ali ,the Somalian women’s advocate and professor.Resides in the USA.Author , the book ” Infidels”)

Mr. Salman Rushdie , the British -Pakistani author .Resides in England.(Author ,the book “satanic verses “)

Dr.Wafa Sultan ,Syrian Physician and author.Resides in the USA.

Nobel Prize winner Najib Mahoz best Arab author.( The boo.” Children on our ally”)

This is how Muslims appreciate  and reward their fellow geniuses .

The 1% Moderate Muslims are vioceless because they are being  constantly silenced by the 99%.( There are 1.6 Billion Muslims world wide. 80% Sunni Muslims  and 20 % Shia’t  Muslims.All terrorist groups are Sunni under the black banner of hate and bloodshed.)


Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


A Journey Toward ! / A Journey Away.

Usually every journey toward a certain destination or toward something,

Is a journey away from somewhere or something.

If a person tries to go back to authentic values  at a certain moment ,

Of his life ,he needs at the same time to turn away from whatever led ,

Him stray from God and from the true values ,the essence of goodness.

To turn away from worldly  possessions which might destructed  him ,

From his real self is not an easy task.

To turn away from pleasure which seduced him to walk a wayward path,

Requires a strong will ,dedication and most of all determination.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


Thanksgiving ! / A T r i b u t e .

l thank God for  America the gracious that welcomes to her shores the persecuted ,the oppressed,the under privileged ,the deprived and the hopeless and gives them a new beginning  to thrive and to excel .

l thank God for  the Americans ,the kindhearted who help the needy and heal the sick.Those who support and give to thousands of charities regardless of race,creed and gender.

l thank God for our brave security forces ,our service men and women ,our veterans, our police officers who keep us safe and protect our precious freedom and  our way of life.

l thank God for our  friends and families who are united by the spirit of love and traditional values which made this country the shining star in the world.

For every goodness comes from the goodness of God’s love to every one of us.

Happy  And  Blessed  thanksgiving  everyone. Jalal Michael Sabbagh-



My Heart Beats ! / Melodies.

There is a new meaning for every beat of my heart.

For you being in my life , My life.

My heart beats remind me the passing of time.

How sweet its to share each second with you.

There’s  nothing in this world prettier than Love.

There’s nothing in this world more precious than life.

There’s nothing in this world more affectionate  ,

Than seeing lovers embracing each other passionately .

All the people of world sing melodies for what they see.

All the angels dance for couple like you and me joyfully.

((( Happy  and blessed thanksgiving everyone.May the spirit of love and kindness visits every home.)))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Grace ! / Mystical Reality.

Grace heals the wounds.

Grace strengthen the injured ones.

Grace is God’s power within us.

Grace helps us to persevere ,

In pursuit  of virtue and decent acts.

Grace enlighten our minds.

Grace helps us to chose ,

Between right and what’s wrong.

Grace inspires us to love unconditionally .

Grace is what is truthful and shuns what’s deceitful.

Grace is not  magical illusion ,

Grace is mystical and bright reality.

Grace turns despair to hope and  delight .

Grace overcomes darkness with it’s amazing light.


Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


Baseless !/ Illegitimate !/ Inhuman Movement.(Post # 701)

Throughout history’s centuries and even in nowadays .

Every baseless and illegitimate religion, cult, heresy, paganism , ideology ,

Gang, dictatorship , movement uses violence and commit barbaric atrocities ,

To subdue and silence everyone who opposes or exposes their deception and falsehood.

These  savage terrorist and jihadist massacres across the world are the very proof  of this  Islamic  extremist Movement.Its time to reject hypocrisy ,ill thoughts,ignorance and weakness to face this global threat to our very existence regardless of faith or affiliation.

Mr.Rhetoric ,do you know who is financing these Syrian refugees to travel the world and carry out massacres ?It’s the oil money.Its the Islamic jihadist supporters money.Hatefulness is a deadly epidemic.

Mrs.Hilary ,you refuse to say Islamic terrorism,because there are decent Muslims.How do you know ?All Muslims believe in One Islamic K o r a n .Have you ever read the Islamic  K o r a n ?  Mrs. Clinton whenever you have time  read these chapters from the Islamic  Koran ,# 9,8,5,32,15,24,34.Then tell people what you think about these jihadists. Enough weakness,enough Godlessness and blindness.Stop insulting the American voters who love America dearly.Mr.Sanders climate change did not blow up the Russian Plane ,did not commit the terrorist attacks in Paris .Hypocrisy is stillness .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-



700th. Post ! / Life Taught Me.

l dedicate this post to those wonderful individuals who follow , visit my blog and read my thoughts.

Your support and encouragement made this milestone possible.l am grateful to be part of this amazing realm of blogging.Where the West meets the East and become one universal family.

Life taught me :


life taught me to make my heart like a town .

It’s houses made of love and appreciation.

It’s streets made of kindness and compassion.

Life taught me to give ,not expecting to receive.

Life taught me to be honest with myself before,

Being honest with anyone else.

To understand myself before asking the others ,

To understand my wishes and needs.

Life taught me not to regret what happened in the past.

But to hold dearly to hope like bright lamp.

To accompany me where ever l go.

Life taught me not to criticize anyone ,

Before l look in the mirror twice.

To remind myself l am but a guest on this Earth.

Jalal Micheal Sabbagh-