The Commander’s New Trend ! / Forward VS.Retreat ! (Post # 680)

Who’s motto was .”Change we believe in.”Nothing changed except himself.

The commander changes unpredictably ,aimlessly like strange wind.

He came for the liberal leaders with a unique  and newest trend.

Appearing on every night talk show , believing its time well spend.

He and his administration are on vacation no strategy to attend .

The world is on fire ,the scandals ,the debacles which we all know,

He wants to divert attention to climate changing ,everything to bend.

What time has spoiled the elected officials and politicians  can’t mend.

Comedy shows ,internet interviews , are more important than urgent affairs.

Message of dismay and weakness to overseas  he  did send .

He adores the movie stars ,singer are his close and best friends .

The many are waiting ,day by day his term soon to  e n d .

His exceptional  advisers can’t make up their mind ,

Like a fortune teller ,what they lost ,they forget and neglect .

They don’t visit children hospitals or VA hospitals they play golf instead.

(( Its sad to see devastation everywhere yet the failures are running the show.They cover up their incompetence and weakness with shallow rhetoric and lies. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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