League Of Uncertainty ! / Rulers Or Rollers ? (Post # 675)

These unique and exceptional politicians of the new era occupy the center stage ,

Of world’s affairs and draw unprecedented attention.They are the most watched

On TV , the most mentioned in local and international medias.

(1) Ali Khamenei the Iranian supreme spiritual and state ruler .Iran is the terrorism capital of the world.Fascism murdered 6 million Jews and Khamenei wants to annihilate another 6 million Jews beside Christians and Sunnis once he gets his hand on an atom Bomb with the help of the Western rulers.Mr.John Kerry shook hands with Iranian foreign minister expressing his approval of the catastrophic nuclear deal.

(2) Kim Jong -Un the North Korean mad and brutal dictator who killed his own uncle .North Koreans can’t find a piece of bread to eat while the dictator imports caviar from Iran.Mr Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t shaken Kim’s hand yet.

(3)Raul Castro , the Cuban butcher and the vicious tyrant who rules Cuba with an iron fist.Mr Barack erased fifty years of principals and dignity by shaking Raul’s hand and by opening An American Embassy in Havana. Hundreds of thousands  Cuban fled Cuba to live in Florida .Mr.Barack never asked one of them before shaking Raul’s hand.

(4) Bashar El-Assad ,the Syrian President, the only legitimate ruler in the middle -Eat beside Benjamin Netanyahu .He is fighting  the most barbaric thugs of the Islamic state to protect Syria and his people, to protect million Christian Syrians.Whom the West failed to protect.Now Russia is In Syria to teach the Western Politicians a hard lesson.

(5) Barack Hussein Obama ,the community organizer and the 2 years  Senator who became the 44th.president of the greatest country in the world.For the last 7 years he  promoted ,liberalism ,racism , division and share the wealth. Mr.Barack disagree with everyone who says terrorism is Islamic. He  Reached to Iran and Cuba despite their  enmity and hate for America and the Americans.

(6) Necolas Maduro the bus driver who became the President of Venezuela who viciously attacks the   America democracy in ever speech  like his late master dictator H.Chavez . Chavez  was the sole supporter of communist Cuba.  Now,Necolas is financing  Raul Castro’s brutal regime.

(7)Vladmir Putin ,the former KGB boss who became Russia’s president twice.He wants to revive the Russian Empire starting in Ukraine and now in Syria , because the NATO and the Western Politicians are helpless to stop him.

Its the cold war all over again .This time double the coldness.Millions of refugees are homeless.The Islamic state is occupying 1/3 of Syria and  1/3 of Iraq.Yet The United Nations taking a long ,long vacation.The Western Powers are absent and weak to deal with ISIS.Is it the new power struggle all over again ? Who will control the Arab oil ? Does all this makes a sense????

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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