The North Star ! / Constant .

The North star is the only star ,

In the universe that never moves.

It remains constantly in its place.

That is why its a true guide for travelers.

The same  are those who hold firmly,

To their images , principals and don’t change.

Because they have the love for the life giver.

In their hearts,minds and in their souls.

They have a constant will to achieve more.

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Famine Of The Truth ! / Potentials Are deleted.

Nowadays we are experiencing the famine of the truth.

Defying the truth is becoming  a way of living.

There are those who are ignoring the essential purpose.

They are living day by day  like travelers without aims.

Its the absolute  cause of disillusion  and absolute carelessness.

When someone doesn’t know what his purpose in life.

He lives a life of misery ,depression and despair.

” Why are we on this plant earth ?”

“What is the purpose of life ? ”

“Rather what is the meaning of life ? ”

When a person is distracted of his purpose,

By temporary matters,he is surely living an agony of defeat.


Jalal Michael Sabbagh-