Syria The Heroine ! / Four Years And The Tragedy Continuing !

Dedicated to every patriot who offers the ultimate sacrifice to defend his country and his people.

Syria four years and more,

Of crazy ,selfish and  illogical war.

Four years and more in which souls ,

Hearts and minds have been destroyed.

A war that sneaked through the doors,

Stealthily without knocking  at all.

To settle down in the homes ,

And humiliate their innocent peaceful owners.

A war in which children and women  ,

Were sold in slave markets in savage ways.

A war that brought the nation’s mothers to tears.

A war that was declared by monsters and beasts .

Syria is reborn today , forever the future is her’s.

History justly will judge the weak world leaders ,

For abandoning the poor and the  oath they took.

(( The Syrian people support their government and their president 100%.Barack H,Obama ‘s   advisers are illusionists who live an illusion ,their false advises gave strength to ISIS .They have no Strategy ,no ability to understand terrorism and they  know nothing about the region. Weakness of the boss begets failures . In memory of the late  Lebanese philosopher Saeed Akel.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))


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