Questions ! / Irrespective Of. (Post # 662)

Once in a while l been asked these questions .My answers are simply here.

(1) Who are your role models and your superheroes ?

(A) First and foremost are my parents who raised me ,my teachers and my history friends.

Musicians ,writers and statesmen like Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi,

Who loved and served humanity irrespective of gender or creed.

(2)What motivates you and inspires you  ?

(A) Life is the greatest motivator .l am inspired by the ordinary people,

By their dedication ,sacrifices and unselfishness to see their children succeed.

(3) What kind of books do you read ?

l like to read biographies ,spiritual ,and saints books.

(4) What interests you the most ?

(A) Music ,traveling to meet people and learn about their cultures.

(5)Would you like to be 21 once more ?

(A) l think once is enough.l appreciate life with it’s sweetness and trials.

l respect time the most.We get out of life as much we put into it.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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