A Tree For My Daughter On Her Birthday ! (Post # 673 )

I wish to give  you a tree.

to shade you from sun’s heat .

To bliss your days and illuminate your nights.

To protect you from every danger and cheat.

A tree to bloom every new birth of Spring.

To give you ripe fruit and sweet .

(( How beautiful is it to remember the important occasions ,

To touch people’s hearts ? How beautiful its to put a smile

On their faces ? Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com ))


Syria The Heroine ! / Four Years And The Tragedy Continuing !

Dedicated to every patriot who offers the ultimate sacrifice to defend his country and his people.

Syria four years and more,

Of crazy ,selfish and  illogical war.

Four years and more in which souls ,

Hearts and minds have been destroyed.

A war that sneaked through the doors,

Stealthily without knocking  at all.

To settle down in the homes ,

And humiliate their innocent peaceful owners.

A war in which children and women  ,

Were sold in slave markets in savage ways.

A war that brought the nation’s mothers to tears.

A war that was declared by monsters and beasts .

Syria is reborn today , forever the future is her’s.

History justly will judge the weak world leaders ,

For abandoning the poor and the  oath they took.

(( The Syrian people support their government and their president 100%.Barack H,Obama ‘s   advisers are illusionists who live an illusion ,their false advises gave strength to ISIS .They have no Strategy ,no ability to understand terrorism and they  know nothing about the region. Weakness of the boss begets failures . In memory of the late  Lebanese philosopher Saeed Akel.Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com ))

Lion And Sheep ! / Thrive , Not Only Survive.(Post # 671)

Don’t alternate your life style  my friend .

To accommodate the others,their desires and needs.

Don’t change the path which you chose to walk ahead.

To satisfy those who manipulate  selfishly  the rules.

Look the Lion walks alone pride of himself .

But a sheep always walks with the flock.

Try to achieve and thrive not only live and survive.

(( Heartily thanks to the 3300 followers of the blog and  to everyone visits it.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com))

Thoreau’s Masses ! / Discipline Diminished.(Post# 670)

The most asked questions in this modern era are.

What is the minimal l can do to get what l want ?

What is the least l can do to pass the exam ?

What is the minimal l can do and obtain my pay check ?

Or, what is the minimal l can do and still enter heaven ?

Without discipline nothing can be achieved.

We were born on this earth for a reason.

Without discipline people will never discover what it is.

“”They will walk slowly to join Thoreau’s masses , leading lives of quite desperation.””

((Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862 , an American philosopher,poet,and journalist.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wwordpress.com))

Poverty Has No Religion , No Homeland ,No Conscience Or Mercy !/ Devastating Epidemic ! / Climate Change Hoax .

The present so called leaders are ignoring world’s poverty .

The most devastating epidemic ,while millions are starving to death;

Everyday and millions are on the verge of losing their own humanity.

Famine ,terrorism , incompetent politicians and Greed are in charge.

These misguided rulers are occupied with false climate  change ,

Using it as scapegoat for their ignorance and failures .

Yet the hungry and the homeless immigrants are fleeing ,

Their countries flooding the world and thousands are drowning in the oceans.

They are trying to reach somewhere to feel safe ,to have a piece of bread and sleep.

Climate change is a shameful  Hoax and  senseless cover up for human trafficking,

Child abuse,honor killing ,fanaticism ,inequality ,and narcissism .

(( When will these clueless politicians and chaos inventors understand that M o t h e r  Nature is taking care of herself for trillions of years long before they were born in existence.????  Enough trading  with the poor people’s  emotions and using scare tactic . Is this climate change another BIG BANG?????? Beside are these politicians  going to live forever to see the results?????))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Apex Of Hypocrisy , Deception And False Pride ! / Dr.Ben Carson Is A True Hero ! / The Muslim Refugees and Islam.(post #668)

What gives Muslims the right for their blind boldness and irreverence for the logic , the truth and the God given freedom for every human being ,the  freedom of expression  and belief ?

Must the whole civilized world , all other nations and religions which are considered by Muslims are none believer fear and surrender to terrorism , extremism and Islamism ?

Muslims believe they are the only believers of Allah ,they are pure and the rightful people to rule the world with violence and terror.Muslims believe the disbelievers  are evil and unworthy to live.Muslim’s Allah calls for the Obliteration of the disbelievers by the  Islamic Jihadism.

“””””Muslims are Furies as always whenever a brave and brilliant hero or heroine exposes Islam’s realty . Muslims are demanding chaotically that Dr.Ben Carson the republican presidential candidate to step down because he said.””” Muslim  Shouldn’t be President.”””

Muslims hate freedom of speech ,want to erased  it off the face of the earth. They despise equality,a woman in Islam is equal to 1/2 a male , infidels are lesser creatures than Muslims.They are forcefully trying to silence everyone who expose and opposes the Islamic destructive ideology. Muslims are convinced since their early childhood that they are the only pure race and have the purest faith.They believe Allah chose them to invade the world and  subdue the  people to , surrender or pay heavy taxes. Their lifeless teachings  order Muslims to use every  inhuman means and severe brutality to impose their Sharia’a.

Jews ,Yazzidis ,Hindos ,Buddahs atheists,Christians are worthless and don’t deserve to live and must be annihilated.”””””Can a Muslim say  to a none believer l love you and you are equal to me  ? “”””””If a Muslim does this , it means he is denouncing Islam and he must be put to death .Who doesn’t remember Mariam Ibrahim the lady from Sudan ?

Muslims believe they are right and the others are wrong,they are good and all others are evil.These are the teachings of Islamic books.Whoever expose their teachings must be killed.

Muslims are trying to kill Salman Rushdie because he exposed Islam in his book .”The Satanic Verses “which he published in 1988.He is among the Islamic hit list like the Danish Cartoonist,the Somali brave lady Ayaan Hirsi  Ali  who exposed the Islamic violence towards ba   women and enslavement  of women in Islam. The Islamic hit list is well known by  the intellectual community.

Muslims want to silence whoever opposes them despite that freedom of speech is a God given gift.ISIS,Boko Haram and thousand other Islamic terrorist groups were born from Islamic teachings  .The are  Martians . Whoever denies this fact is a liar and hypocrite .These thugs pray 5 times a day like any Muslim ,facing Mecca.

Muslims danced in their Capitals celebrating the destruction of souls  and families, when September 11,2001 terrorist attack happened.18 terrorists who committed the   savage catastrophe were Saudis who were raised in the midst of Islam.In Mecca  ,the Capital  of  the Islamic world .They were financed with Saudi oil money to kill the innocents.

Shouldn’t Christians ,Jews Hindous ,Buddahs,Yazides Atheists sue Muslims and Islam for killing them because of their believes.? Shouldn’t Christians demonstrate chaotically in their countries for killing innocent Christians and beheading them ?  Terrorism and Hypocrisy are hateful weapons they  will destroy who upholds them. The Free World  will never be intimidated by false prophets and bloody barbaric violence and ideology.

Muslims ought  help the Muslims refugees ,hundreds of thousands Syrian Muslim refugees are begging the Christian countries to accept them while the rich Arab countries and the 57 Muslim Countries are refusing to take in even one Muslim  Syrian refugee . Is this what Islam stands for?  Is this what Islam is all about ? Is Ben Carson and Salman Rushdie  are the main message .Shame on a nation that rejects the truth and it’s own brothers ,sons and daughter.Saudi Arabia the rich country refusing to take any  poor Syrian refugees.Is this the Islam you boast about?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Brilliant Diamond ! / Substance.

Any relationship deserves to be treated like a precious diamond .

Among it’s many facets beside brightness are passion an affection.

These qualities are the fire that glows from within ,true reflection,

Of both side ,they are essential to appreciate each other.

Without them  a relationship can’t survive or thrives.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com