Innocence ! / Deception. ( Post # 642 )

When you don’t know how,

To express yourself freely.

When you are unable to defend ,

Yourself in certain situation.

Know my friend that you have ,

An innocent heart that hasn’t,

Learned the effect of deception .


Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

((Success is the path to happiness and happiness is the path to success.))


Life And Faith ! / Babies ! / Lion.

Today both life and faith ,

Are being attacked viciously .

By a culture  racing toward self-destruction.

These attacks by liberals and the progressives ,

Are directed on the very essence of the human dignity .

Many are raged for killing a lion in Africa but they ignore the killing,

Of million unborn babies in the world every day.

((Killing animals for sport must be outlawed.What killed the lion was greed,corruption, special interests and ignorance.))Jalal Micaheal Sabbagh-Http://

Romantic Love ! / Solid Foundation.

Romantic love is a wonderful thing .

But its not a sound foundation for ,

A fruitful relation for friendship or marriage.

Emotions that springs from desires and pleasure ,

Never were a reliable aspect for life’s journey.

Or to build a union that will endure  trials.

A relationship must have a solid rock base to last.


Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Humans Quest for Happiness ! / Relevant.(Post # 637)

Making the right choice is the path for  success  .

Humans ,all their lives are on quest for happiness.

Without faith they are like the parched earth.

Yearning for the clouds to send abundant rain .

Like a little baby  who is crying for a mother’s embrace.

Like butterflies longing  for spring to hasten his  return.

Looking for happiness is the ultimate desire  for the many.

They are trying to find it in the things they posses.

Or in the temporary pleasures  they usually seek.

Real happiness is to have a truthful faith in oneself ,

And to trust the Lord of heaven for he is the right choice.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-