August 31st.! / Universal Hostage Crisis Day.

Since Feb.1979 ,when the Iranian mobs held 52 American diplomats as hostages for 440 days ,the world was silent,the super powers were silent,the United Nations was silent  and still are., but the hearts of the victims and their families were bleeding and crying loud  for help.

Since then no resolution was found or reached  to combat the barbaric acts of kidnapping innocent people.The liberal medias even ignored this  tragedy and still do.

We , millions of  Bloggers around the word can make our voices heard. “”l humbly suggest to declare August 31st. a universal hostage crisis day.””

1 ) To  write a post about the hostages whoever they are or where ever they might be.

2 ) Write to our representatives in Washington to get involved to free the hostages.

3 ) Write to the families of the victims that we stand side by side with them.

4 ) Write to the United Nations secretary  general to establish with it’s billion of dollars to establish a fund to release the hostages and to help their families.

5 )Condemn every terrorist gang and their barbaric acts of kidnapping innocent people.

Today this incompetent administration admitted  that  there are 35 American hostages held captives by terrorist abroad .

Obama is doing nothing to help release these hostages .The world remembers , on 8/19/2014 when he went back to play golf whine five minutes after the beheading of the American hostage James Foley. He made a a nuclear deal with Iran despite there are 4 Americans are held captives in Iran . Obama’s rhetoric will not free the American hostages or any other foreign hostages.These hostages need immediate help to be free and to return  home safe.

((  I hope this message will resonate around the world with every peace loving person .We care and we love to help.Every word is a mighty power to help the hostages. l hope everyone gets involved and spread the message across the internet and with every mean..The media failed and the world leaders failed .Now its time for the words to prevail and triumph. )) Jalal Michael Sabbagh –


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