Antidote ! / Path To Life Not To Death.

I wish the Arabs teach their children ,

How to love life and the others like sisters and brothers.

I wish they nurture them with beautiful feelings.

To be compassionate, to be kind ,and to be affectionate.

Instead of teaching them to become suicide bomber ,

To kill the innocent infants ,mothers  and aides workers.

They brainwash their kids and recruit them to be Jihadist.

Striving to die and to hate God’s given life,the greatest gift.

When will the Arabs teach their own blood and flesh.

To love , to reject hate and bloodshed ?

To heal not to injure the helpless ?

Not to be an enemy but to be a friend ?

How to be kind not to be a terrorist to behead?

How to love life and  not being dead ?

(( The Arabs not only ruining their children’s opportunities to live in peace they already ruined their countries,Yemen, Libya,Iraq,Syria,Lebanon,Egypt ,Tunisia the extremism  and chaos destroying and torturing the people.people.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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