Remembering Dr. Taha Hussein ! / Core of Jihadism.

When Dr. Taha Hussein the Egyptian thinker confronted the Muslim religious leaders with the truth about Jihadism  they became more silent than the tomb stones but as violent as an erupted volcano.He exposed Jihadism according to the Islamic book and what it really meant,(Killing the disbelievers for the sake of their Allah.)

Dr. Taha Hussein (1889-1973) was born Muslim but died a baptized Christian believing in the only true God of life , peace, and love.(He lost his eye sight when he was 6 years old.)Brilliant  and courageous  philosophers the Muslim world ever knew. These fanatics rejected the light because Dr. Taha Hussein proclaimed the truth, they wanted and still insist  to live in the darkness of their ideology . Dr.T . Hussein held 3 PHDs from the French Sorbonne  university ,Cairo/Egypt university and  many honorary doctorate .He Died in Exile he choose.

The interested readers  can watch Dr. Taha Hussein’s and listen to his  poems on You Tube.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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