Surrender ! Surrender ! Surrender !

Mr. Joe Biden do you remember on August 19 , 2014  when the barbaric ISEL ,

Decapitated the American sons ,James Foley and Steven Sotloff ,you boasted,

By saying.”l will follow ISIS to the gates of Hell.”Where are you  at now 1 year later ?

The patriot American People remember vividly Your boss’s reaction when he saw,

The decapitation  video of James Foley , he rushed back within 5 minutes to resume his golf game.

James Foley’s  and Steven Sotloff’s parents are mourning their sons as you are mourning your late son.

Did you or Mr.Barack Hussein Obama call the parents of these heroes   ? Did the  current administration illuminated The White House with Red,White and Blue lights ? Carelessness and weakness beyond the human comprehension.

(( Are we back in time  to 1939 ?Is history repeating itself ? Today ,the atrocious  ISEL is the embodiment of fascism .The UN  and The West  are living a delusion that ISIS will disappear like Hilary Clinton’s emails.Surrender is the core of defeat and weakness.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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