The Nobel Peace Prize Man ! / The Tragedy Began.(Post # 643)

The current affairs suggest its time to return  back,

The prestigious Nobel Peace Prize which you won.

The Prize changed your agendas and it tied  your hands .

Despite all the debacles the far left are totally mesmerized .

They believe your role in the world  as a peaceful man.

They ignore all the  crisis hitting  the home land .

Their deception makes all wrong doings look just fine.

You are under tremendous pressure after drawing the red Line.

Yes Mr.”We can .”you criticize your opponent and everyone.

You said America is arrogant and defied us as American .

You refuse to name Islamic extremists by the real  b r a n .

You even refuse to crush ISIS who beheaded our sons.

You approved a catastrophic deal with the notorious Iran.

Trying to tell the people ,peace ,war or the deal is the plan.

Your Aide called the barbaric terrorist attacks.” Work place violence .”

Specially the atrocious massacre of   N i d a l       H a s s a  n .

How many scandals were woven by your advisers the few ones.

Four American are held hostages ,you claim they weren’t,

Part of the nuclear deal ,without their release  there must,

Be no deal at all no matter how long would be the span.

With the Nobel Peace prize  the real tragedy began.

(( Egoism is a terrible virus ,apparently  it had infected the liberal politicians and their boss. Who brought back racism  to Ferguson and Baltimore  would the core of his shallow legacy.Like his pastor in Chicago who cursed America yet he lives in a multi million dollar mansion.. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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