Why ISIS Is The Real Representative Of Islam ? /$30.00 is The Price To Buy A Wife in ISIS Caliphdom! / Is Hilary Clinton The Women’s Champion?

There are 57 Muslim countries in the world which represent 20% of world population .

1.6 billion Muslims ,if they oppose ISIS and they think ISIS is hurting Islamic faith. Why they are silent doing nothing to obliterate this ISIS epidemic ? ISIS already decapitated thousands of Shiat Muslims , Christians and Yazidis beside the two American women who were decapitated in the USA.

ISIS is occupying a territory the size of Kuwait,Qatar, Dubai and UAE combined .What Muslims are waiting for?Unless they approve ISIS’s massacres ,atrocities and barbaric genocides .There is one Islam , one Koran and one ISIS which are calling for the destruction of the disbelievers and their cultures.

Obama ,Cameron ,Merkel  and the rest of world super power leaders are ignoring this  deadly threat of ISIS despite being in their backyard.

Today The Caliph of ISIS declared to behead any girl or woman

who doesn’t obey the thug who paid $ 30.00 to buy her.

Hilary Clinton still thinks she is the only champion for women’s  rights.Women’s  rights are being erased from many countries constitutions., specially in the 3rd.world countries and the Middle -East .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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