The Republicans Presidential Candidates Debate 8/6/2015.

Today is my birthday ,but l decided to stay home to watch the republicans  and hear their plans to take America Back.One nation under God. They succeeded  in conveying their message ,except Mr. Donald Trump.

Each of the candidates was precise and eloquent,every one of them scored High in presenting his case why he wants to be the next president.To stop Hilary Clinton to be a continuation of  Obama’s failed polices , weakness , incompetency and lack of leadership.The deficit topping 18 trillion, the immigration is exploding,55 million welfare recipients ,unemployment,inflation .Hilary’s untruthfulness about Benghazi massacre,the e-mail scandal,the Clinton foundation scandals and her double standard about being the champion for women and the poor ,despite her empty resume as a politician.

Obama was mentioned few times as the  one who brought racism back from the grave.Who promoted division , and encouraged terrorism to spread for refusing to combat Islamic terrorism face to face.Every candidate promised to cancel every executive order Obama signed ,Obama care too.

((( Barack Hussein Obama totally refuses to utter from his mouth.”Radical Islamic Terrorism”.out of respect to his Muslim Father and to his dear Muslim friends and advisers.But senselessly he compared his own American citizens on 8-1-15 to the infamous IRANIAN revolutionary guards .Egoism is a harmful and hateful virus the many are inflicted by it..

My wife has a plan for Saturday to celebrate my birthday ,the plan includes our Children and our grandchildren .

God bless America and our brave  service men and women. Jalal Michael Sabbagh((Your success is my success.))


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