La Fin ! / The End ! / Demise . (( Post # 657 ))

“” When a race , a society , an individual or even nations ,

Lose their morals they are finished as an entity.They become expendable.””

(( History  is not partial ,history  is the greatest witness. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Hope ! / Life ! / Fyodor Dostoevsky .(1821-1881)

The brilliant Russian spiritual thinker and author outlined the

Secret for prude ,happy and successful life in his profound quote.

“” Without hope life ceases .””

Fyodor Dostoevsky is well known world wide for his famous books.

Specially,”Crime and punishment”-The Brothers Karamozov.”which became ,

An  award  winning Hollywood film.

In his books he exposes the human mental anguish ,morals and behaviors.

He wanted to direct the readers to live a life of honesty and transparency .

Even to the point if its possible to be Utopias . He promoted  the virtue ,

To accept the others as equal  in every society.

First and foremost he wanted to give the new generation the reason,

To love and respect spirituality and reject violence .

((  Jalal Michael Sabbagh-  ))

Love ! / Love ! / Love ! / Eye.

Once a wise man was asked.

“Where dose love begins and,

Where it really ends?”

He answered calmly by saying.

“Love begins with the eye and’

With the eye it usually ends.”

“What do you mean ?”

Once again he looked in the eye,

And said.”Love begins with a look from the eye,

And love with a tear from the eye it ends.”

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

In Memory Of A Legend ! / Um Kulthum.(unknown-1975)

The Egyptian singer Um Kulthum was a unique classic era soprano .

The Arab world called her .”The star of the Middle-East and it’s opium .

She performed more than 500 concerts about love ,peace and happiness.

She defied the Muslim world by calling God .”The God of love and freedom.”

My love ,the night and it’s sky,

It’s moon and the stars are our companions .

You and I in love together forever together.

Happiness is our drinks and our nourishment.

Let us live this night constantly forever.

Let us ask the sun not to come tomorrow ,

But let her come after a thousand year.

Tell me my love how many night we will live like this?

God is love,God is life ,God is happiness,God is in us.

( (  Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

(( Please visit on you tube “Jalal Oud 2″playing a song of the above singer.))

Remedy ! / Incompetent Politicians.( Post # 650)

Today we are in dire need , even despaired for honest and truthful Politicians.

Politicians who stand by their promises and uphold our constitution’s rights.

Politicians who’s priority is the people who elected them with conscious to serve .

Not to abuse the office they hold  , cover up scandals and work for themselves .

Politicians ought to have morals and respect for the aged and for life.

Not to promote hatred  , division , racism , and declare war on our faith.

Politicians who are infected with egoism , socialism and fanatic liberalism,

Should be ashamed of themselves for betraying people’s trust and  the,

Oath they usually , arbitrary  take . Beside , from the behind they L e a d.

Fanatic far left politician will sacrifice everyone for their seat.

Corruption is their motto ,they sprung from a  poisonous  seed.

((  These clueless  politicians are like the spice dealer who can’t remedy what time has spoiled .We had enough rhetoric, enough double standards, enough demonizing the others.Its time to face the mirror and talk self to self.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh  –

The Glory Of God ! / Attainment.

” The glory of God is the perfection of the creature .

The human being is perfected by the grace of God,

Through the conscious ,disciplined and persistent

Attainment of virtue.” Saint Irenaeus 130-200 A.D.

((Since the dawn of history the many question the existence of God.

Yet we are the absolute proof of God’s existence. Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

H i l d a ! / Love is The Ultimate Treasure.(Post # 646)

I want t to build  you a grandiose  Castle .

With diamond ,ruby,and emerald stones .

Surrounded with a fence of sapphires and pearls.

In it’s center l will plant a lilies and gardenias garden.

Topaz color crystal chandeliers like the color of  your eyes  .

l will install  In every room to illuminate the nights.

Doors and windows  made of  platinum  and  gold.

Dazzling like your wishes and dreams beauty and delight.

Your tender affectionate heart and your laughs .

Are my treasure for my whole life to last.

When l see you smile my inner being sings and dances.

((  May true love touches every heart to appreciate the gift of life>

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

A t t r a c t i v e n e s s ! / To Serve. (Post # 645)

There is nothing in life more attractive than being oneself.

This attractiveness has not only been demonstrated by those,

Who follow the light.

And by those who know the truth,but is constantly demonstrated,

Here and now in our own time by the volunteers who serve the poor,

The sick ,the hungry regardless who they are.

By those who go out of their way to ease the burden ,

And suffering of a total stranger.

By those who lay down their lives to serve their families and country.

By those who reject and the premise of a modern unauthentic culture.

Jalal MIchael Sabbagh-

Deserving ! / Sincere.

My friend,don’t cry for anyone who,

Doesn’t deserve your affection and love.

Who doesn’t deserve a single tear of your eyes.

Because the one in who’s heart  ,

You have a golden crown.

Will never let you cry .

Will never let you shed  a single tear.

The one to whom you give your heart.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

(( Your success is my success .))