Indispensable ! / The Rock And The Gate.

Its a great virtue when a person asks himself.

” Am l the rock ,the solid foundation for my family and friends ?

Or am l that rock which makes them stumble and fail ?

Am l the gate that leads them to achieve their goals ?

Or am l that gate which is shut in their face causing them despair?”

(( Credibility is to uphold transparency,selflessness,and sincerity.

Your success is my success and my success is your success.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

To Look Straight At The Eyes ! / I Care.

The father ,his three daughters and two sons ,

Were standing around the mother’s bed at the hospital.

Before taking her last breath,looking at her husband eyes.

She said.” l feel so loved now,l wish we had this kind of

Get together more often before.”These words were her good bye.

Were there agony of sadness and regrets ? its hard to say.

When was it that we looked at someone intently to understand,

What he was saying ? When did we give a complete attention to ,

Those who are going through a hardship or a trial in their lives?

(( Its a great virtue to put other peoples interests ahead of ours,

And reconsider our priorities.Jalal Michael Sabbagh ))

Your success is my success and my success is your success.