Paralyzed By Fear ! / A Myth.(Post # 626)

There is a huge difference between fear and discretion.

Between fear and awareness ,between fear and hesitation.

The many lose their chances to achieve their goals,

Because they misinterpret what they hear,read and see.

Fear of rejection is a terrible concept which has lead,

The many to an awful regrettable failure and dismay .

To be afraid of neglect and rejection by others is a myth.

A person he himself can create or prevent such illusive threat.

((  Fear brings premature old  a g e  too . ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Ocean’s Waves ! / Spring’s Breezes.

When l looked at your face for the first time ,

l saw in your eyes the dazzling of gold,diamonds,

Precious emeralds and pearls glow.

The beauty of your smile captivated ,

My heart ,mind and my joyful soul.

It transformed my world into ocean’s waves,

To     s p r i n g’ s   breezes   at   dawn.

l didn’t talk ,l let my eyes to do the talking,

To express my passion,to let the feelings flow.

Look at the stars,ask the birds of the skies ,

They will confess ,you are the dream came true.

(( Hilda,l still see you like l saw you for the first time.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

(( Heartily thanks for the 3200 Blogger friends who follow my blog and to everyone visits it. ))

God Is The Greatest Mystery ! / A source For Happy Existence.

Those who deny God ‘s truthfulness , are like those who are trying to hide the sun with a sieve.They are reflecting their  own emptiness and their purposeless existence.JMS


There is only one true God ,the creator of life.There is one who loves and there is one who is  loved.God loves everyone of us unconditionally . God is,and will remain the greatest mystery in the human ‘s existence  .Countless books are written ,  countless philosophers , theologians ,miracles validate  this truth that God exist and he himself is existence.

Despite all the proofs , there are those who try to deny the truth.Their problem is much worst than their thoughts.They are unable to provide any evidence for their baseless claim.These sightless  accuse God for their misfortune , natural disasters , famines,diseases, and catastrophic events.Yet they justify genocides and massacres.Denying God’s loftiness,his stupendous dignity,his sublime humility and his humble sublimity ,proves one fact God Is God.

I think if Socrates(469-399 B.C) Plato (427-347 B.C0 and Aristotle 384-322 B.C  who knew the existence of the supreme being , who created created…

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Indispensable ! / The Rock And The Gate.

Its a great virtue when a person asks himself.

” Am l the rock ,the solid foundation for my family and friends ?

Or am l that rock which makes them stumble and fail ?

Am l the gate that leads them to achieve their goals ?

Or am l that gate which is shut in their face causing them despair?”

(( Credibility is to uphold transparency,selflessness,and sincerity.

Your success is my success and my success is your success.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh. ))

To Look Straight At The Eyes ! / I Care.

The father ,his three daughters and two sons ,

Were standing around the mother’s bed at the hospital.

Before taking her last breath,looking at her husband eyes.

She said.” l feel so loved now,l wish we had this kind of

Get together more often before.”These words were her good bye.

Were there agony of sadness and regrets ? its hard to say.

When was it that we looked at someone intently to understand,

What he was saying ? When did we give a complete attention to ,

Those who are going through a hardship or a trial in their lives?

(( Its a great virtue to put other peoples interests ahead of ours,

And reconsider our priorities.Jalal Michael Sabbagh ))

Your success is my success and my success is your success.