Disastrous Nuclear Deal ! / Free Gifts To Iran & The Cuban Communist Brutal Regime.

Who can ignore the atrocity which was committed by the notorious Iranian revolutionary guards in 1979 by holding and torturing the American diplomats for 440 days ,(these thugs humiliated the greatest country in the world)? This current administration could.

Who can ignore the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 ?(The Cuban  dictatorship been persecuting the Cuban people  for the last fifty years.)  The Liberals,democrats  and the progressives can.

Who can ignore the 1983 Beirut/Lebanon Barracks bombing which was committed by Iran financed  militias and  killed 299 American and French service men and women ? The liberals and the fanatic mainstream media did.

Who can ignore Iran’s role in Iraq between 2003 -2009 by supplying the Iraqi Sunni insurgents with road side bombs which killed 4000 American warriors and injured 30 thousands others ?The liberals did.

Who want to ignore that China and Russia will not impose any sanctions on Iran ? Liberals did.

Who wants to ignore the barbaric  Iranian mobs who are shouting .”Death to America and Israel . ? ” The current national advisers did.

Who can ignore the Americans who are kept captives in Tehran inhuman prisons  ? The Liberal politicians  and  their boss can.

Iran ,this third world infamous  extremist theocracy which supports world terrorism was able to manipulate the current American administration and the European  super powers by achieving the deal of the century , a deal of historic proportion.The sanctions will be lifted and Iran will be able to flood the world with it’s crude Oil.The Arm race already  began,the rich Arab gulf states are spending billions of dollars on weapons and fighter jets to face the Iranian real threat.

This  shameful nuclear deal will worsen the eternal Shiat-Sunni sectarian wars. Iranian Mullah’s goal is to control the Middle-east  and the Arab oil  to become the new super power on world’s stage.The liberal are incompetent to understand  this reality. They are Ostriches hiding their heads in the sand.

This administration’s legacy is Iranian deal,Cuban deal and failing to free the American held captives in Iranian infamous jails..

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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