Is It Possible ? / S h o r e !

Words can’t truly express the heart’s felling or the mind’s thoughts.

If they are not accompanied with actual commitment and deeds.

Can a tree grow without a seed ?

Can a bird fly and soar without wings ?

Can a baby get without crying his needs ?

Living without authenticity and purpose is like a boat ,

Laying  idle on the shore waiting for the waves to proceed.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh – Everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success.

Increase Our Faith ! / The Mustard Seed.

Who follows the light will never stumble in darkness.


They asked the giver of life to increase their faith.His answer to them was then and to those who ask him today is,”If you have faith the size of a Mustard seed ,you can say to the Mulberry tree,”Be uprooted and planted in the Sea  ,It will obey.”

( The mustard seed is the smallest of all the seeds in nature ,yet when its planted it grows to become an enormous tree,thousand of bird   take refuge between it’s branches , build their nests and raise their chicks. )

Jalal Michael Sabbagh – Your success is my success and my success is your success.

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Exceptional ! / A Gift for Life.

l held my pen to write about love’s splendor.

Why love is so beautiful and essential.

To describe how precious you are to me my love.

Suddenly the pen stopped protesting nervously ,

And said.”How do you want me to describe ,

Someone who is so e x c e p t i o n a l “?

(( When love touches someone’s heart its a miracle ,it transforms his life forever.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh . My success is your success and your success is my success. ))

Gentle Knight ! / Benevolent Not To Cease.

A gentle knight was riding his horse on his way ,
To his hometown to see his beloved ones.

While traveling through barren fields he saw a beggar ,
Half naked ,breathing heavily ,thirsty, laying on the ground.

The knight stopped to attend to the beggar giving him water to drink.
Afterward the knight asked the beggar where he is heading.

The next village ,he said, few miles walking trip.
He offered him to ride behind him on the horse.
To get him to his village before it gets wild and dark.

Once the beggar was on the horse behind the knight ,
He snatched the knight’s dagger and stabbed him in the neck.

Bleeding badly ,falling down ,before he took,
His last breath painfully said to the beggar.
“Please don’t tell nobody what you did ,so the goodness,
And benevolent won’t cease from the face of the earth.

The End.

Whoever keeps on doing good ,his rewards are immeasurable in heaven.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.My success is your success and your success is my success.

C e l e b r a t i o n ! / Who We Really Are .

The best way to promote and uphold life is to,

celebrate life and enjoy it with open arms to the fullest.

We can celebrate whatever we wish,health,success,kindness,

friendship,honest,beauty,decency and the goodness of million things.

Yet there are others out there in this modern time who are addicted ,

celebrating violence,radicalism,racism, and the greatest vanity greed.

We are what we celebrate.The one fact nobody can deny.

((  Jalal Michael Sabbagh- My success is your success and your success is my success.

Success is the key for happiness and happiness is the key for success.))

The 600th. Post ! / The Journey.

Love makes everything possible.

With love everything is possible.

l am overwhelmed by your friendship,encouragement and your generous support which l feel in every click on the like,in every comment you send my way and in every visit to my blog you make.

You made this journey so far possible and enjoyable .My gratitude and thanks to each one of you from the heart.

l hope l can continue the journey to reach the many and to be a friend to everyone who stops at my site.

l hope my words and thoughts can bring a smile to someone’s face and heartily laughter too.

l hope success and happiness be your companion and may reside in every home .

l hope healing will soon touch the oppressed,the abused,the injured ,

The victims of injustice  the forgotten , the lonely and the ill ones.

l hope people will come to realize that we are guests on this planet earth ,

We are but shadows, like the shadows of the trees in hot summer day.

Nothing will last forever , everything one day will come to an end .

But we can make every day worth living once we try to believe it can be done.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -

Belief ! / The Ultimate Trust ! / Don’t Doubt .(Post # 599)

Faith culminates in every smiling face .
In every passionate mother’s caress .
In every loving and affectionate embrace.

In every kind heart that says yes.
In the innocence of every child amaze .

In those who strive to help the diseased .
In those who aid the poor in so many ways .

Belief , is the ones who heal the injured.
Those who save, preserve and defend lives.

Faith is to bring joy to the saddened hears and souls.
Success is a reflection of faith.
Happiness always resonate with faith.
Hope is the ultimate mean that leads to faith.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.comm