Mr. Change ! / Then And Now ! /Legacy of Regrets.

You said.”Change we believe in ,yes we can.”

You changed over the years everything you have said.

Everything around us did change.

Were we this way before you took the stage?

The way people look at America has changed .

The way we revere the White House has changed.

The way we look at the Presidency also has changed.

You changed the way we look at each other.

Even  our believe in the American Dream has changed.

We are not one people any more we are divided with regrets.

Change never felt this way ,its so sad and strange.

Regardless of our faith ,race ,we are all shortchanged.

High inflation,high deficit are dangerous change.

Failed policies and clueless advisers no one will respect.

When the pilot is sleep behind the wheel its also a change.

(( No matter how high a  bird soars to the sky ,eventually

he will come back to earth tiered  of  flying. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh–


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