Devastating And Incomprehensible Tragedy ! / South Carolina Massacre.

Last evening ,June 17 ,2015 nine innocent American were killed senselessly at the historic South Carolina church by a 21 years old psychopath Dylann Roof.The whole nation is mourning the victims regardless of all the differences.First and foremost we are Americans one people under God who call us his daughters and sons without partiality.

Yet Mr.B.H.Obama keeps saying .”What if it was me or my son.”? “What if Sasha and Malaya were in the movie theater in Colorado .”? Mr. Obama , do you think that you and your daughters are more important and dear than the victims who lost their lives,those who were massacred mercilessly by vicious murderers ?We are  all  Americans and every one of us is precious. Division and hate are lethal viruses .What we need today is someone to unite us not to divide us ,someone to heal us as one people.

Mr .Obama you have expressed your political opinions 14 times since you took office about gun control. Now,its not the time for You and Hilary to score politically .Every civilized country has it’s own problems and psychopaths .There are always those fanatics who want to hurt people no matter what the circumstances are. America doesn’t need rhetoric  anymore , we had enough.You said . “Black  church.”Don’t you know a church is a place for worship for all people. A church doesn’t have a color ,never had.There is no place for racism inside a church.

Our pryers and thoughts with the victims and their families .May God receive the victims in his kingdom. May the Lord protect America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh – Your success is my Success and my success is your success.


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