Fame Syndrome ! / Restart Button ! / Continuation ! / N.Y. Times ! / The Queen Of Inequality.

There are those who will do anything to be famous , powerful and rich.The only person they care about is themselves alone.Mrs.Clinton’s resume speaks for itself.She hasn’t achieved anything to serve the people or the country ,except herself and her family’s interests.

Mrs.Clinton was Arkansas first lady ,America’s first lady,New York Senate and Secretary of State.What did she accomplished to add to her unique resume ?(( Zero  Achievement))The New York Times and the bias liberal media defend her blindly and criticize the  republicans for her failures and debacles.

Since 1992 the liberals are trying very hard to set her on a high pedestal to look down on the others ,with their fabricated lies,deceits and bias one sided opinions.She look down on those who know her very well .She is not a champion of women’s rights,the working class or the poor,she is her own interests champion.

Mrs.Clinton never talks about her multi million dollars mansions , her multi million dollars privet jet , her  multi millions wealth and who is financing her multi million dollars  campaign .But she did say not long ago with utmost firmness.”when we left the white house we were flat broke ,we were in debt.” Mrs.Clinton is one of America’s richest and daring  woman. In 2008 she said.” shame on you Obama  “, yet  in 2009 she  desperately begged him to became his secretary of state.She wants to tax the wealthy people .The irony she doesn’t consider herself  wealthy !

Mrs.H.R.Clinton  is  the only obvious  choice of the democrats ,the fanatic liberals ,socialists and the progressives for the 2016 presidential race.Clearly they want her to be  the continuation of the current disoriented administration under the leadership of the Nobel peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama and his incompetent  advisers.The last 1o years she made millions of dollars yet she blames the rich and wants to hold them accountable for the poverty in America,for the unemployment, the welfare explosion,the deficit, the economy,the weak foreign policies.All she has in mind is  an illusion of higher stature.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- My success is your success and your success is my success.


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