1.6 Billion Muslims World Wide Condemn The Saudi Blogger ! / Islamic Justice ! / Heartless Entity.

Mr.Raif Badawi the young Saudi Blogger was sentenced today by the Saudi supreme court to 10 years in prison, $225.000  fine and 1000 lashes for insulting Islam in one of his posts in 2012.

Since then he was jailed without a trial.He wasn’t allowed to be visited by family members .

The 1000 lashes definitely will tear his body to pieces.This is the Ultimate Islamic justice.Even the dark ages lacked this kind of savageness and mercilessness.

No Muslim is rioting or demonstrating to demand the release of Mr.Raif.No Muslim country dares to interfere to help the Saudi Blogger.

Yet Muslims boast about their peaceful religion and the Islamic justice.Violence can’t

Justify any religion or any inhuman ideology. “”Now why the world is stunned by ISIS barbarism and the massacres they are committing ? The irony that the Liberals and

liberal media think Islam is a religion of peace and mercy.Its unbelievable Hypocrisy .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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