The 600th. Post ! / The Journey.

Love makes everything possible.

With love everything is possible.

l am overwhelmed by your friendship,encouragement and your generous support which l feel in every click on the like,in every comment you send my way and in every visit to my blog you make.

You made this journey so far possible and enjoyable .My gratitude and thanks to each one of you from the heart.

l hope l can continue the journey to reach the many and to be a friend to everyone who stops at my site.

l hope my words and thoughts can bring a smile to someone’s face and heartily laughter too.

l hope success and happiness be your companion and may reside in every home .

l hope healing will soon touch the oppressed,the abused,the injured ,

The victims of injustice  the forgotten , the lonely and the ill ones.

l hope people will come to realize that we are guests on this planet earth ,

We are but shadows, like the shadows of the trees in hot summer day.

Nothing will last forever , everything one day will come to an end .

But we can make every day worth living once we try to believe it can be done.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -


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