The Book.” Hiding In The Light.” / The Author.”Rifqa Bary.”(Post # 596)

The brave young Muslim woman answered the call of heavens and listened to the voice of truthfulness to come out of the darkness of slavery,degradation and tyranny to the light of freedom,love and pursue of happiness .

Rifqa left Islam and she is following the light of Christ ,the Lord and the only true savior.The Bible was the key to show her the path.These are her own words and testimony from her newly published book.(Hiding in the Light.)

“” After four years of hiding my faith from my rigid Muslim family ,l knew that it was time.I wrote with shaky hands.”Jesus is my Lord and savior,l refuse to deny him.There was no turning back now,l had to get out of that house if l wanted to live.Was this worth risking everything for? Yes.”

Rifqa grow up in a devote Muslim family.The Lord was calling her to free herself from the bondage of fearful and merciless  religious ideology and it’s inhuman Shariaa law.When her father and the community knew her conversion to Christianity ,they were determined to kill her according to the book of Islam.Which states.” If a Muslim leaves Islam he must be put to death.”

Rifqa Bary at the present time lives safe in the USA and continuing her studies.Her book is becoming a best seller.She wants to tell the young people who are joining the Islamic state barbarism that they are following a dangerous delusion that will destroy their lives and their families.

((A religion , Ideology, or philosophy that  believes and imposes predestination on it’s followers is a slavery.Because we are born free and have free will to decide our own destination.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))


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