Abhorrent Hypocrisy ! / Burning The Islamic Black Flag Is Illicit.(P0st # 593)

Whenever an author or an artist criticizes Islam the untouchable ,publishing a book ,drawing a cartoon exposing Islam or it’s leaders.The whole Muslim world erupts like a volcano . It turn into huge mob rioting fanatically ,demonstrate chaotically and burning the Israeli,American,Danish,and French flags in protest.They shout the most despicable slogans against the West in every town square where ever Muslim mobs are present.They never compromise or have a constructive dialogue with the others to defend themselves in a rational manner.Because Islam despise the none believers.

The whole world today is witnessing the inhuman Islamic state ,the army from hell using Islam and their Allah to justify their atrocities,massacres and genocides..ISIS is exploding the very foundation of Islam and crushing their belief to dust,yet all Muslim the 1.6 billion of them don’t open their mouth to protest or to condemn ISIS.Muslim refuse to riot or demonstrate against the barbarism of ISIS.Muslims in general don’t dare to BURN THE BLACK FLAG OF ISIS.Is ISIS flag more reverent than the American or the French flags ?

Where are those who call themselves moderate Muslims ?Why don’t they demonstrate against ISIS and burn the black flag in protest ? Are they afraid of ISIS or they want to witness the birth of the Islamic Caliphdom.?

ISIS is destroying everything Islam stands for , yet the 1.6 billion Muslims refuse to burn the black flag .They don’t DARE.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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