The Democrats And The Arabs Have A Lot In Common ! /Hypocrisy – Denial-Fabricating News -Demonizing the opponents (P0st # 583)

Whenever a catastrophe or misfortune fall upon the Arab , they blindly blame America and Israel.They believe there is an international conspiracy against them.The Arab mount to 320 million people,they own 1/3 of world wealth,they have build a 2 million soldier armies yet they were defeated in 3 devastating wars with Israel a tiny Jewish State in 1948,1967,1973.The Arab are convinced that their failures and their defeats were caused by America and Israel and of course by Great Britain ,the country which transformed them from living in tents to live in luxurious Castles

The Arab never blame themselves.They are deforming their own doctrine and culture with their savage sectarian wars,incompetence,weakness,division and resentments towards the others.Beside they Finance and support every terrorist gang on earth.

Here in the USA the fanatic democrats like Mr.Harry Reid accuses the Republicans for democrats failed policies ,debacles,scandals and corruptions.The democrats  fabricate lies to blame the conservatives even for any high way accident,train derails , deficit,inflation even for the terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists.The democrats think by demonizing the opponents they can score big with the voters.

The democrats can run but they can’t hide their selfish agenda to glorify themselves , pile wealth in their personal accounts and stay in office indefinitely .The democrats don’t want to believe they are well known  by the public for their deceptions and cover ups .People can’t see someone to be continuation to the present administration of racism,division ,hate and enmity towards OUR BELOVED AMERICA.The democrats want to Take America back to the civil war ERA.,That will never happens as long there are those who Love America unconditionally .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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