Challenges ! / Resonate ! / Feeble Agendas ! / State of Fantasy .(Post # 580)

With your failed policies, arbitrary decisions and uncertainties ,

You demolished the “American dream” with it’s entirety.

You think you can put an end to homelessness and ” poverty.”

Are you going to donate few millions of your huge fortune ,

Or you are going to promote share the wealth and impose new taxes?

Students loans reaching up to the sky,racism is the worst in our history.

Ugly division,enmity resonate with high drop outs and teens pregnancy .

You refuse to call Islamist terrorism by the name as if its most holy.

America lost it’s prestige and respect throughout world’s countries.

Even the sheikdom States refused your invitation to confront tyranny.

Our journalists are decapitated by ISIS barbaric I d e o l o g y .

While you are occupied with golf, late night talk shows and comedies .

No smidgin phony scandals ,no chaos, no riots no burning of properties .

You resent FOX news for exposing your administration’s blind  transparency .

Your legacy,history will say.”it was Yemen,Iraq,Iran,Cuba land of piracy.

(( God bless America the land of the Braves and the land of L i b r e t y .

God Bless  the American service men and women and their families. God bless those who love America . ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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