” Love One Another.” / Love-Peace-Freedom . ( Post # 579 )

Lord – Dios – Dieu – Alah – Gott – Atua – Ilah – Xudo – Chau – Deus – Alla – Xyao – Tha’n – Dion – Ta’la – the universal name of the Lord is 4 letters in every living language .Is it coincident , Or its a fact ?

Any religion ,faith , doctrine , an ideology or philosophy without these three pillars ,Love ,Peace, Freedom and doesn’t uphold the truth is nothing but a false entity ,slavery ,despair ,and sorrowful uncertainty .

God’s unconditional love for every human being is the ultimate proof for our oneness as one family . “If we can’t love ourselves , how can we love the others “? Those who have survived turbulence and turmoil of life even the great fear of depression ,persecution can appreciate God’s gift of love and acceptance.

Eternal life and joy belong to those who believe in the Lord of light and life,for they already have passed from death to infinite existence.

(( Love one another,the key to live in a wonderful and peaceful word,humans dream since the dawn of history trying  to achieve and make it reality. ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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