Devastating Tsunami ! / Mr.Rhetoric , is this a peaceful religion ? (Post # 578)

Does the world realize that the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq have vowed allegiance to the Caliph of darkness to annihilate the Shia’t Muslims, the Kurdish people and take the Middle-East back to the dark ages ? ISIS is committing the worst genocides  which the 21st. century is witnessing today. What is the function of the UN if its an idol ?

The two sects of Islam Sunni and Shia’t have been at savage war since the foundation of Islam in the 7th.century.Their sectarian wars had killed millions and million of Muslims for the last 14 centuries.The enmity and the divisions between the 2 sects are incomprehensible .

If Islam as you claim Mr.Rhetoric is a peaceful religion ,why then the radical SUNNIS(the core of Islam) are obliterating the Shia’t Muslims ,the Yazidis ,the Christians for no reason than killing for the sake of their ALLAH ? They are raping little girls decapitating human beings,burning humans  alive ,  selling women into slavery  , destroying 5000 year old civilization which belong to mankind  ,looting museums and sacred places.Till when you , Mr. Rhetoric and others like you will deny these atrocities  which will haunt you forever ?

The Sunni / Shia’t conflict is leading to a catastrophic tsunami in the Middle-East .The Houthi Shia’t in Yemen already seized 2/3 of the country which you called a great success.The Wahabi Saudis are bombing Yemen none stop ,because the royal Saudi family is threatened by Iran rising as a world power.Iran is financing and supporting the Houthis in Yemen and the Saudis are supporting terrorism that want to establish the mythical Caliphdom and convert the Middle _East to a prehistoric region.

World leaders are helpless ,they are spectators watching a very dangerous movement that could lead to a worst disaster the world ever witnessed.The  Cessation  Of  The  Living  Conscience and the rise of the no morals fanatic progressives and liberalism.

((The Liberals and the fanatic democrats are siding with the enemy and fighting the freedom of SPEECH.What Pamela Geller did , she proved  That Muslims are so fragile and they have a fragile belief ,they are afraid of the truth. They use violence and  intimidation to protect their weak ideology..Charlie Hebdo  is the champion of free speech.Pamela Geller is the heroine of Free Speech and a lady of iron will.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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