Don’t Depart !/ College Days.(Post # 595)

If happiness was a garden ,
l would if picked all the flowers ,
And gave them to you.

If wishes were pearls ,
l would if dove the oceans through.
l would if collect them where ever they grew.
Gorgeous necklaces and bracelets made for you .

Where wellness dwells,l wish l knew.
l would cruised the world like an eagle flew,
And brought the right cure for you.

If there were banks loaning time ,
l would if bonded my life and all l own ,
To borrow more days than few.

Oh fate be kind don’t take her so soon.
What good is it to be in existence ,
While she is not around any more ?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Yearning ! / Blissful Existence.(Post # 594)

Who doesn’t long for a world that is worries free ?

A world that distances you from the present reality.

Takes you to another world of oblivion serenity.

Where you live your dreams,to love and to be loved heartily.

Where affections and beautiful senses are common for humanity.

A world where happiness reigns , where everyone lives safely.

No despair,no ill will,no sadness,no enmity and no jealousy.

Is there such domain any where my friend , earthly ?

Only you can decide ,once you look deep inside your,

Heart, soul and mind.,then you might the answer find.

(( If we can’t build an Utopia , we surely can create one within our families at home.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh -

The Thorn Bird ! / Uniqueness .

The truth remains in the depth of our hearts as long  as we live.JMS


Don’t be like the marvelous thorn bird.
That sings the sweetest affectionate,
Melody while it is bleeding and dying.

Believe me my friend ,there is nothing,
In this world worth your precious tears ,
Or a drop of your life sustaining  blood.

(( When we are hurt,we are the only ones who endure the suffering.
We are the only ones who indeed  feel the  bitterness of ,   pain.
We are the only ones who strive  our health to regain.))

The Legend of the thorn Bird : There is a legend about a bird which sings just once in its entire life,,more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth.From the moment it leaves the nest it searches for a thorn tree,and doesn’t rest until it has found one.Then,singing among the savage branches,it impales itself upon the longest ,sharpest spine.And,dying, it rises above its own agony to…

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Essential Purpose ! / Potentials .(Post # 591)

There are people who don’t think about their essential purpose .

Why they are being born in this world at this time and place .

They don’t know much about their real mission in life.

They are casting the idea of pondering aside where its,

Forgotten to be part of the none existing P a s t .

They think its not conductive to the modern life style.

They don’t believe that everything has a certain role .

Everyone of us is born for a definite purpose .

To live a productive life, striving to be the best version of himself.

((My gratitude to all the 3100 follower of my blog and to everyone who visits the blog.
Jalal Michael Sabbagh ))

Boldness ! / Expressions.(Post # 589)

Some times most of us need boldness to express our feelings and our thoughts.

The great German philosopher and author ,Goethe once said.”Be bold ,and mighty

Force will definitely come to your aid.””

If we don’t do it by ourselves no one else will do it for us.

People are yearning to hear the Truth no matter what it cost.

But most of the times they are hesitant to open up.

The ones who know the truth are afraid to give it to the people.

They don’t have the boldness to proclaim what is  just and right.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

D i v o r c e Is Not An Option ! / Life Time.(Post# 588)

Love always protects , always trust , always hopes , always perseveres .”Corinthians 13:7″

Whenever married couples , the newly wed couples ,

And the ones who are planing to get married vow solemnly ,

To each other to do their utmost to keep this promise .

“”That divorce will never be an option despite everything.””

Then the whole society will win ,specially the children.

A strong bond that unites the family and last a life lime.

(( The most lovely thoughts are the ones which enhance and beautify life’s journey.

Divorce should never be an option if people want   to prevent devastating Miseries  from happening.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Merciless Pain ! / Dagger.(Post # 586)

Pain doesn’t know any manners at all .

He doesn’t knock  politely three times on the door .

He comes in the most awkward dates unexpectedly.

Refuses all excuses and embraces mercilessly ,

The ones he visit,who become victims instantly.

He occupies them harshly so they can’t breath normally.

He persist to ingrain his bitterness on every ,

cell of their bodies without partiality.

He comes loaded with heavy weights tons and tons,

But when he leaves ,he does it with ounces and grams.

(( Often there are words that can cause worst pain than daggers.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))