Syria ! / The Cradle of Ancient Civilization.(Post # 571)

Today Syria is facing a vicious and brutal Sunni-Islamist conspiracy lead by the royal Saudi Arabia ruling dynasty to destroy the most beautiful and prosperous country in the Middle-East and the Arab world.

The Syrian government is assiduous to defend and protect it’d people.Since 2011 the  brave Syrians are fighting a ruthless and barbaric terrorist groups .These Islamic fanatic which are financed by the Saudi sheiks want to obliterate the Shia’t Muslims in Syria and Iraq.So far more than 200,000 innocent people have been killed.There are more than 2 million Syrian refugees in Jordan,Iraq,Lebanon and Turkey who are suffering the worst  living conditions.

The World leaders,the United Nations and the human rights foundations are doing next to nothing to stop this inhuman genocide.They are witnessing the destruction of 5000 years old civilization.

Syria will prevail and will defeat the Allahless ISIS and co.The West knows very well that Saudi’s  sheiks are the core of terrorism in the region,yet they are keeping silent.ISIS decapitated American,French,Japanese ,British,Egyptians,Ethiopians citizens yet the World leaders turned their heads the other way as if the massacre doesn’t concern them.Carelessness is a deadly plaque .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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