Malicious Attacks ! / The Path Of No Return. ( Post # 562 )

Its time to ask the fanatic democrats , the  spineless liberals , and the clueless progressives.”Where will your malicious attack against the republican leads you ?”

Its a truthful reflections of their shallowness , their incompetence , their hatefulness and their resentment. Harry Reid , a person in his age and status scoops so low to express his heart’s bitterness and disdain towards morals,honesty and liberty.He and others like him are calling the republican presidential candidates the most ugly and degrading names know even a street person will refuse to utter from his mouth such vulgarity.

Its the trade mark of the failures and the nature of sour losers.Its signs of Obama’s policies which promote ,Division , racism , selfishness , empty pride and big ugly government to control people’s lives with lies , deception and worthless promises.

This administration’s advisers are the core of the devastating  crisis we are facing in the world and in America.Every intelligent Person knows ,  can see and feel the changes Obama created.its a vicious attack by the liberals on our freedom,our democracy ,our way of living,our America , on our humanity and on our young people.

History will judge these conscienceless fanatics harshly .They will end in the land of the forgotten .Mr Biden not long ago boasted.,that Yemen and Iraq were great achievement of Obama’s administration.Is it really ? Obama keep insisting that Islam is a peaceful religion.Mr.Obama Muslim are annihilating each other in Iraq , Syria , Sudan,Yemen ,Libya , thousands are killed every day.There are millions of Muslim refugees in Jordon and Turkey because of the wars.Thousands are dying of starvation and illness every day.Mr.Obama do you still boast that Islam is a peaceful religion ? Admitting the facts is a great virtue.Mr Obama , you  did say ” Al Qaeda is on the run ,terrorism is decimated and ISIS is a JV. “Did you not,or you don’t know ??

(( America is in a  dire need for brave and patriotic  leaders who unite the Americans as one people and give America the respect , the love and the gratitude she deserves. God bless the American service men and women the defenders of our  . Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))


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