What Does She Stand For ? H.R.Clinton ! / Self Glorification ! (Post # 559)

Today 4-12-2015 Hilary R. Clinton officially announced that she is entering the race for the presidency in 2016  presidential election.She had her chance in 2008 and she failed.America needs a president for the present and the future.Her  only qualification ,being Clinton nothing else.
Is she defying her own deception,incompetence and her weaknesses? Benghazi terrorist attack catastrophe in 9-11-012 never happened.White waters is a fantasy,foreign donations from dictatorship regimes for the Clinton foundation she never accepted,the email scandal is a phony claim. Bill Clinton’s sex affairs with Monica will haunt Hilary for the rest of her life .The nightmare will continue in the oval office each time she visits it,picturing Bill and Monica.

Is she really a champion for women’s rights and cause ? Or she is only interested in her own self glorification to be the first woman President ? What did she do for 4 years when she was secretary of state ? N o t h i n g .She wants to be the champion . Champion  of what ? Champion of scandals and incompetence  ? The American voter is intelligent more than what Hilary thinks.

Is she above the law ? She proved she is.Is she the untouchable? 100% she is.She looks into the American people’s eyes and denies that she ever made a mistake or lied.She never mislead nobody.She never threatened no mistress.

What does she stand for? For the same empty agenda she had for the last 23 years more of the same .Not one single achievement to serve the American working citizens. The left democrats,progressives(the other face of ,sharing the wealth)  the fanatic socialists and big government worshipers care for one thing only , to control the people and impose more inhuman regulations and rules on them.These progressives want to push God to the rear end , destroy the family’s values and the American dream.Do the Americans want a continuation for the current misguided administration? Its up to them to protect our Liberty,our America ,  our constitution and put a stop for this retrogression .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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