A Prophet ! / Purity ! / Divinity ! / (Post # 555)

A prophet is known for his holiness , for his truthfulness and for having a connection with the divine creator of purity.

A prophet is known for the miracles he shows , God’s given power , signs and approve.

A prophet is known for his preaching that inspires the mind and the hearts moves.

A prophet is a source of humility , heals where there is injuries , gives life where there is death.

Spreads love where there is hate , unity where there is division and hope where there is despair.

A prophet is the culmination of happiness,contentment,kindness, sacrifice and chastity.

A prophet doesn’t take servants and doesn’t marries multiple wives.

A prophet won’t entice his followers to loot,rape to despise the non-followers and force them to pay tribute or to be decapitated  and die.

A prophet doesn’t constitute injustice rituals to cut the hands of the thieves,stone the adulteress,obliterate the opposition and take revenge.

He doesn’t promote Dowry to buy , sell , divorce treat women as slaves.

What kind of a prophet who would believe in selfish pride that he is the seal of all messengers no prophet will dare to come after him , that he is the supreme messenger the greatest human being everyone on earth must worship ,  obey and blindly submit to  his will and  doctrine of  fear, intimidation , horror and threats ? His followers believe he rode a certain winged horse and went to his own paradise.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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