Body And Soul ! / Journey.

The essential compound of our being are body and soul.

Both are connected to our will and our intellect.

We have to realize that the body is only temporal.

Sooner or later it will expire then it will decay.

But the soul is destined to live through eternity.

Its up to us to decide who would be the captain ,

To steer the ship of our life and our destiny.

To be captivated with earthly matters, or to be,

prepared to decide how our journey w i l l end.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


Lessons from Dad ! / Inheritance. (Post # 572)

My Dad used to tell me.” If you are eager to go back home to your wife and kids at the end of your day.You are the richest and happiest man alive.But if you hesitate to go home , even if you own all the money in the world ,it won’t make you happy .”

(( What does a person gain if he wins the world and loses himself ? )) Jalal Michael

Syria ! / The Cradle of Ancient Civilization.(Post # 571)

Today Syria is facing a vicious and brutal Sunni-Islamist conspiracy lead by the royal Saudi Arabia ruling dynasty to destroy the most beautiful and prosperous country in the Middle-East and the Arab world.

The Syrian government is assiduous to defend and protect it’d people.Since 2011 the  brave Syrians are fighting a ruthless and barbaric terrorist groups .These Islamic fanatic which are financed by the Saudi sheiks want to obliterate the Shia’t Muslims in Syria and Iraq.So far more than 200,000 innocent people have been killed.There are more than 2 million Syrian refugees in Jordan,Iraq,Lebanon and Turkey who are suffering the worst  living conditions.

The World leaders,the United Nations and the human rights foundations are doing next to nothing to stop this inhuman genocide.They are witnessing the destruction of 5000 years old civilization.

Syria will prevail and will defeat the Allahless ISIS and co.The West knows very well that Saudi’s  sheiks are the core of terrorism in the region,yet they are keeping silent.ISIS decapitated American,French,Japanese ,British,Egyptians,Ethiopians citizens yet the World leaders turned their heads the other way as if the massacre doesn’t concern them.Carelessness is a deadly plaque .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

If You Weren’t In My Life ! / Luckiest Man.(Post # 570)

If you weren’t in my life !

l would if pictured you in a million captivating portraits.

Your face l would if etched it on the moon and the stars.

Your name l would if engraved it on the shore’s pearls and shells.

Your eyes engrained in my mind so vivid and clear.

Like the clearness of mid summer day.

Relentlessly l would if sailed the oceans with my ship.

Like an eagle’s eagerness l would if flew the skies

Searching for the lady , the dream , my charming dove.

The fate granted me my wish , most gentle and kind.

l met you in reality to complete my other half .

You made me the luckiest man for becoming my wife.

(( I am grateful for everyone comments,visits and follows my humble blog.Jalal Michael Saabbagh- ))

Just Once ! / Blooms . ( Post # 569 )

There are those who waste their lives,

Distance themselves from the others .

Rather than trying to create a beautiful relation.

Why don’t they renew their lives with tolerance and kindness?

Why they deprive themselves all the happiness ?

If they try ,the moon will look for them much brighter.

The stars will look for them prettier with laughter.

Even the tress before Spring will bloom faster.

When will they realize they will live only once ?

Will they reconsider before they miss their chance ?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Do Not Be Afraid ! / The Ultimate Hope.( post # 531)

Christ said.”The earth and the heavens are passing but my words will live forever.Who believes is already saved.”


Despite the turbulence and the uncertainty of the time ,”do not be afraid.”
Everyone of us is afraid of something .Afraid of our jobs,relations,schools,the future,sickness,afraid of the unknown,persecution,afraid of old age and afraid of death.

Rejoice for  Christ said .”” Do not be afraid,for l will always be with you no matter what happens to the end of time.I will never leave you or forsake you . Even though the future is uncertain , you can be absolutely sure of your ultimate destination .l will hold you by your  hand and afterward l will take you into heaven.””

(( Knowing Christ is the greatest knowledge ,the treasure of all treasures.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

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L e a d e r s h i p ! / Demands Ingenuity. ( Post # 567 )

Today nations are in a desperate need for a real leadership.When there is no genuine leadership people will listen to whoever speaks up on the Podium.

Leadership demands first and foremost courage not weakness,sacrifices not selfishness , patriotism not despotism , comprehensive policies not delusion and failed agendas.

The tragedies and the crisis which people are witnessing now are results of incompetent leaders.People don’t need a leader who’s only interest is the prestige of the office and his own indulgence . People need a leader who puts their interests and needs at the top as essential priorities .

(( Mr.Rhetoric please proceed towards the door for people can’t stand your arrogance,your hypocrisy ,your hesitation,and your self obsession  anymore .Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))