Body And Soul ! / Journey.

The essential compound of our being are body and soul.

Both are connected to our will and our intellect.

We have to realize that the body is only temporal.

Sooner or later it will expire then it will decay.

But the soul is destined to live through eternity.

Its up to us to decide who would be the captain ,

To steer the ship of our life and our destiny.

To be captivated with earthly matters, or to be,

prepared to decide how our journey w i l l end.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Lessons from Dad ! / Inheritance. (Post # 572)

My Dad used to tell me.” If you are eager to go back home to your wife and kids at the end of your day.You are the richest and happiest man alive.But if you hesitate to go home , even if you own all the money in the world ,it won’t make you happy .”

(( What does a person gain if he wins the world and loses himself ? )) Jalal Michael

If You Weren’t In My Life ! / Luckiest Man.(Post # 570)

If you weren’t in my life !

l would if pictured you in a million captivating portraits.

Your face l would if etched it on the moon and the stars.

Your name l would if engraved it on the shore’s pearls and shells.

Your eyes engrained in my mind so vivid and clear.

Like the clearness of mid summer day.

Relentlessly l would if sailed the oceans with my ship.

Like an eagle’s eagerness l would if flew the skies

Searching for the lady , the dream , my charming dove.

The fate granted me my wish , most gentle and kind.

l met you in reality to complete my other half .

You made me the luckiest man for becoming my wife.

(( I am grateful for everyone comments,visits and follows my humble blog.Jalal Michael Saabbagh- ))

Just Once ! / Blooms . ( Post # 569 )

There are those who waste their lives,

Distance themselves from the others .

Rather than trying to create a beautiful relation.

Why don’t they renew their lives with tolerance and kindness?

Why they deprive themselves all the happiness ?

If they try ,the moon will look for them much brighter.

The stars will look for them prettier with laughter.

Even the tress before Spring will bloom faster.

When will they realize they will live only once ?

Will they reconsider before they miss their chance ?

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Do Not Be Afraid ! / The Ultimate Hope.( post # 531)

Christ said.”The earth and the heavens are passing but my words will live forever.Who believes is already saved.”


Despite the turbulence and the uncertainty of the time ,”do not be afraid.”
Everyone of us is afraid of something .Afraid of our jobs,relations,schools,the future,sickness,afraid of the unknown,persecution,afraid of old age and afraid of death.

Rejoice for  Christ said .”” Do not be afraid,for l will always be with you no matter what happens to the end of time.I will never leave you or forsake you . Even though the future is uncertain , you can be absolutely sure of your ultimate destination .l will hold you by your  hand and afterward l will take you into heaven.””

(( Knowing Christ is the greatest knowledge ,the treasure of all treasures.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

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M a r y ! / Mother Of Mercy.

To understand Mary is to understand the mystery , the dignity , the wonder of women and their immense influence in any civil and prosperous society.

Mary the most known woman in the history of mankind .She leads every prominent woman who have became famous by living a life of virtue.

Mary said.” Yes.” and the whole human existence changed .Are we ready to say yes and change and change our world ?
Mary has inspired every person of all faiths . Every religion reveres her and gives her a unique admiration .

Mary the mother of Love, mercy ,the incarnate word .For Salvation came to the world through Mary. She is the neck that connects the body to the head.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Morning’s Brightness ! / To Hilda on our Wedding Anniversary . (Post # 565)

Mornings for me means the splendor of kisses on your sweet lips.

Mornings for me are the breezes of yearning in your breathes.

Mornings for me means the twitters of nightingales and doves ,

That resonate with your voice.

Morning for me is the beauty of fondness that overwhelms ,

Me when you smile.

You are my mornings my forever love.

My morning is the brightness of your face,

And the looks of your eyes.

You are my mornings the beats of my heart.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The Bible ! / God’s Truthful Visible Presence . (Post # 563)

The Bible is the best selling book of all time.For the last two thousand years the Bible is the most read book in the history of humankind , no other religious book of any doctrine come even close to it.

The Holy Bible is the most translated , studied , printed and kept by the believers , billions of them. The Bible shows the people the generous love of the living God for all humanity without partiality and his will to help everyone to live a happy ,fruitful and fulfilling life.

The Bible is God’s precious gift to mankind to live through eternity . For salvation of the soul comes from the one who paid the price on the cross ,the truth , the life , the way and the resurrection.

The Bible is the manifestation and the culmination of love ,forgiveness , mercy and grace.Philosophers , artists , thinkers , and theologians through out history were inspired by the bible.Their works are solid testimony of their faith to exalt the bible.

(( Reading and studying the bible is the greatest knowledge of all .Living the bible is the light that conquers darkness,despair ,and deprivation. Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Poet’s Affection and Agony ! / Love In The Arabian Desert Part II ! / (Post # 561)

The Arabian Bedouin poet is naive ,he tries to express his feelings with spontaneity and naturally .His words come out of his heart ,mind soul and innocence .

The one l love , you are not getting near,

And l can’t get closer to your tent day or night.

l am like a new chick in a little boy’s  hand .

He squeezes the chick between his fingers.

Causing the chick to taste death’s bitter agony.

The Child is amused with his catch and release game.

Knowing not what suffering he is causing the one in captivity.

And the captive chick is featherless,unable to set herself free and fly.

(( My gratitude for all the 3100 amazing followers of my blog and to everyone who visit my humble site.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Love In The Arabian Desert ! / Part I.(Post # 560)

Love’s affection in the Arabian desert captivates the depth of human’s feelings and senses.Fair yet so daring and provocative . Loving a maiden transcends even the point of adoring and admiration .

Infatuated poets and horsemen depict their passion like the phoenixes trying to reach the threshold of the skies,before they are exhausted , breath their last breath and die.

Love and compassion burn them to ashes yet from their ashes they rise again to their very youthful being and alive.Their souls seems to be in existence since the existence of the universe.For as long their hearts beat they rejuvenate and thrive.

The poets in the Arabian desert are like the Sparrows ,but they don’t know how the sparrows survive.They are wanderers despite the freedom they enjoy in the fast sky.they sing soulful melodies for the trials of life they face to raise their chicks .

The poet suffers the agony of loving a woman who doesn’t love him in return or foresees his feeling,his helplessness ,the remoteness and his solitude he has to endure for the rest of his life.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-