The Ideal Place ! / Acceptance Is A Beautiful Virtue.

Is there really a perfect place to live in ?
There will always be a wish that things were different.
Whether its the country,the city,the work place,the relations.
The neighborhood or even some times the family too.

Its beyond humans power and comprehension to be completely content.
The most logic and sensible thing to do in such situation is to accept
The inevitable and adjust to it, to live in peace ,sustain sanity and appreciate life.

(( For the perfect place to live in forever is yet to come at the end of this earthly existence .Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

Be Watchful ! / The Journey. (post # 540)

Watch your thoughts,because they will become words.

Watch your words , because they will become deeds .

Watch your deeds , because they will become habits.

Watch your habits because they will shape your personality.

Watch your personality because it will decide ,

Your life’s journey and your destiny.

(( My sincere gratitude to the 3000 followers of my humble blog and to everyone who visits  it.))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

The One To Love ! / Soul Mate .(Post #538)

When are you going you meet the one you long to love ?
The years are passing you by like a speeding craft.
Its time for you to find your other half.
The one to cherish , who will share with you your life.

Sitting in the comfort of your room between four walls ,
Won’t help you or guide you to the right P a t h .

You need to search for that special one you yearn to love.
To give her the key to your heart for ever to keep.

To give her bouquets of flowers , perfumes and sweet feelings.
for the present and for the old age to stand by you every day.

She is out there ,waiting , you will find her for sure.
Its time to leave your home with heart full of hope and will.

You know ,no one is going to knock on your door.
No girl will say to you.” will you marry me? ”

l think that won’t happen in a million year.
Its up to you to take the first step towards achieving your dream.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Life Time ! / A Moment . (post # 536)

There are those whom you live with a life time ,

but when they depart you don’t remember them even for one moment.

And there are those whom we spend with them one moment,

Yet we remember them for a life time.

Because the one who captivates the heart remains in it indefinitely  and defies time.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Ocean Of Your Love ! / Yearning.

l am going to gather all my papers and pens.
And write all my feelings for you once again.

On the first line l will write.”l love you.”
On the second line l will write.”l adore you too.”
On the third line ,l am drowning in the ocean of your love.

l will fill my letter with every beautiful word l know.
l will draw in the center of the letter with affection ,
Two hearts mine and yours beating as one not two.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Oblivion ! / Persistence ! / ( post # 533 )

Inside every one of us there is something which is impossible to forget.

The mornings and the dusk before the night falls , always remind us of that,

One secret hidden in our inner selves.No matter how hard we try,we can’t deny or defy it.

(( That one secret enables the many to safeguard someone’s dignity and some times his life.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh – Your success is my success and my success is your success. ))

Do Not Be Afraid ! / The Ultimate Hope.( post # 531)

Despite the turbulence and the uncertainty of the time ,”do not be afraid.”
Everyone of us is afraid of something .Afraid of our jobs,relations,schools,the future,sickness,afraid of the unknown,persecution,afraid of old age and afraid of death.

Rejoice for  Christ said .”” Do not be afraid,for l will always be with you no matter what happens to the end of time.I will never leave you or forsake you . Even though the future is uncertain , you can be absolutely sure of your ultimate destination .l will hold you by your  hand and afterward l will take you into heaven.””

(( Knowing Christ is the greatest knowledge ,the treasure of all treasures.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))