Peace ? / Equality ? / Or Adulation ! (post # 550)

March 8  marked  women’s international day.An occasion that needs to be remembered every day. The and the Muslim counties refuse to acknowledge the occasion in their calenders.

Islam forbids Muslim women to pray side by side with the male Muslims in a mosque any where in the world.Its illicit,Muslim women to be gathered in the same hall with the men.Men have their own chamber and women have their own separate chamber in every mosque.

Muslim theologians and the Islamic Shariaa consider women as a source of temptation to sin.The Islamic praying rituals demands certain kneeling , bowing and bending over . These movements , Islamist religious leader believe could entice Muslim men mentally if women are praying next or in front of them .

Despite these proofs which defeat their claim that Islam is a religion of equality ,they boast blindly about peace and equality.What Equality?Women in most Muslim societies are treated less than 2nd.class citizens.They are forbidden to vote,drive a car, travel by themselves,join the police force or the army,get a divorce or inherit equally like the man .If a women witnesses a crime her testimony is invalid because she is considered 1/2 a man ,2 women are equal to one man’s testimony in a court of the law or Shariaa.

Its time for Hilary Clinton ,the ultra liberal boss,the fanatic democrat politicians ,the New York Times ,The L.A. Times the UN the Washington liberal advisers to study Islam thoroughly before uttering insults,lies and fabricated excuses about their scandals , baseless editorials , cover ups, defending the injustice, the guilty and their e g o m a n i a .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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