The Straw Which Broke The Camel’s Back ! / Piracy. ( post # 537 )

Is Hilary Clinton really the champion of women’s rights ? Does she even care about women’s rights ? She was secretary of state for four years ,what did she do for women’s rights ?

The Clinton foundation accepted and accepting millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia ,the worst brutal dictatorship regime in the world.

The Saudi regime is the most oppressing  and persecuting one modern history ever witnessed. Women  in Saudi Arabia are deprived of their most basic human rights.Women are forbidden to drive a car, to vote or even to go shopping by themselves ,they must have a male chaperone  to leave their house or to travel..Hilary and the Clinton foundation are turning their backs to these women’s rights violations for the sake of money.Hilary forgot that 18 of the 19 perpetrators of Sept.11.2001 terrorist attack were Saudis.

The Saudi royal family implements tribal and inhuman Sharia laws to punish,suppress and intimidate the people.Yet Hilary ignores all these facts and takes Saudis filthy money. The rich gulf state Qatar,  the sweetheart of the barbaric Afghani Talinans is another  generous  donor for the Clinton foundation.

Once again Hilary is playing the women’s rights card to gain their votes for her ambition in 2016 presidential race.Once again she wants to prove that she is Above the law the way she handled Benghazi catastrophe and the way she is handling her  disgraceful email scandal.The Clinton are a dynasty of  scandals,deception and greed.Hilary ought to worry about her husband ‘s shameful affairs .

((( The email scandal is the straw which broke the camel’s back . Like the Nobel Peace Prize that became the straw  which  broke  another  camel’s  back. )))



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