Genuine Leader ! / Patriot Politician ! / Antisemitism . (post # 522)

The late Golda Meir ,(1898-1978) was the first lady in the Middle-East to become the forth prime minister of Israel.She was a brilliant politician and dedicated human being .Her legacy is manifested in these profound words of hers post the Arab-Israeli war of 1973.”” We can forgive them for killing our children , we can not forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.””

The fanatic Arab ,the Islamic extremists can’t accept their catastrophic defeats in three wars with the Jewish State.,1948-1967-1973.They strive to revenge for being humiliated by a tiny state while they are  22 counties.They can’t face the powerful  Israeli army so they finance suicide bombers to commit the most heinous terrorist attacks and random killing of innocent people.Recently there were many attacks against the Jews in Europe .The antisemitism notion is on the rise.The Paris and the Copenhagen terrorist attacks are decisive proofs.

The weakness and carelessness of the Western leaders are emboldening the Islamic extremists to kill , burn and rape the helpless in Iraq,Syria,Libya,in Nigeria and soon everywhere.These radical are using Islam and their Allah to commit genocides.57 Muslim Countries are silent , doing nothing to defend their Islam against their enemies, the radicals within Islam .Why ?



Bright Start ! Not The End.

Don’t cry my friend for something happened in the past.
Consider it as a hard lesson to learn from.For nothing can
help you to succeed than a painful trial.

You have to understand , not every fall means to surrender or to give up.

Look , when the rain descents it represents the most glorious beginning not the end.


An Idol ! / Vanity Is A Lethal Virus ! (Post # 520)

An Idol remains an Idol even though if its crowned with jewels,

and dressed with outfit of gold .

An Idol can’t see , hear , or feel . Its heartless,mindless and it can’t talk.

Usually an Idol is made of Bronze , iron, Concrete , but usually from stones.

If we look around , there are so are many leaders in  the world  who  have the same quality of an Idol.

They utter rhetoric to diminish the others senselessly .

Its not their fault,but of those who follow and promote them blindly.

Those who cheer and defend them ,who have no conscience or morality.

(( There is an ocean of differences between a brave,intellectual and honest leader and an incompetent,coward and shameless leader who shakes the hands of the enemies ,communists , fanatic extremists and traitors  .  Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Splendor Of A Person ! / Culminate.

The splendor of a person doesn’t manifest in what he/she owns ,

Whether its wealth , fame , or stature.

But in what he/she endows  the others and how the person  conducts himself/herself.

The Sun owns the day , yet she endows the world warmth , light and life.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Money ! / Money ! / Money ! / W a d . ( post # 518 )

Today more than ever everyone knows how powerful and provocative money is.
There are those who struggle to make money and there are those who commit
The unspeakable acts for it.They betray their own country for it,sell themselves
for it ,even end someone’s life for it. But the fact is mightier.

Money can buy a person a house but not a Home.
Money can buy a person a position but not Respect.

Money can buy a person a bed but not the Sleep.
Money can buy a person a book but not the Understanding.
Money can buy a person medicine but not the Healing.

(( There are those who waste their whole lives Wad money ,but at the end they can’t buy one second of health or happiness with it.Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Incomprehensible Hypocrisy ! / Supremacy Of Insult.

Millions and millions of Muslim immigrants  , live and prosper in Christian countries all over the Western world.They enjoy the same rights and freedom which the constitution guards for all citizens.Muslims are given freedom of religion ,to build their mosques to worship freely ,they are given the right to build their own school to teach their children.

YET , a Christian is forbidden to set a foot in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca and Madina because they believe a Christian will spoil the holiness of these cities . A Christian is not allowed to immigrate to a Muslim country or to build a church .

Muslim women are forbidden to pray in the masque side by side with Muslim men.
Where is the equality Muslims boast about ?
Where is the peace they sing about ?Where is the kindness they claim to adore ?
Where is the justice which they swear they abide by ?

The whole objectivity Of ISIS is to destroy Islam .ISIS is committing all these Heinous genocide in the name Of Islam.Sunni extremism wants to annihilate every Shia’tt Muslim vis a vis.

Mr.Barack Hussein Obama and his advisers insulted 3 billion Christians when he compared them to Islamic Terrorism.We didn’t demonstrate fanatically and burned flags.Can Mr. Obama once in his life be fair and name things by their actual names? Christians are not suicide bombers,America is not arrogant and in God we Trust. Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Louis Daniel Armstrong (1900-1971) / What a wonderful world .(Post # 516)

The greatest American Trumpet virtuoso , a band leader and vocalist whose influence on the stature of jazz internationally , was perhaps greater than that of any other musician . He was the complete entertainer .He will always be remembered for his heartwarming and loving song .” What a wonderful world.”

l see trees of green , red roses too ,
l see them bloom for me and you.
And l think to myself ,what a wonderful world.

l see skies of blue ,and clouds of white,
The bright blessed day ,the dark sacred night.
And l think to myself, what a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky,
Are also on the faces of people going by .
I see friends shaking hands ,saying” how do you do”‘
They’re really saying l love you.

I hear babies crying ,l watched them grow,
They’ll learn more than l’ ll ever know.
And l think to myself ,what a wonderful world.
Yes l think to myself what a wonderful world.