Thanks Be To God ! / WWI ! / WWII ! / The Aryan Race . ( Post # 528 )

Thanks be to God , during WWI and WWII we didn’t have Presidents like Barack Hussein Obama.

We would if been speaking German now and the Aryan Race would if be ruling half of the world,

Because the other half would  had been Obliterated .( Fascism believed ,” Only the Aryan race deserve to live” ,the other races would if been annihilated completely.)

The barbaric Islamic State leaders have the exact agenda to obliterate the Shia’t and the none  believers from the face of the earth. These atrocious  Islamist savages want to establish a single homogenous Muslim Caliphate in the Middle -East. )

(( When a Leader loses the will to defend and protect LIFE , hope ceases from existence .Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))


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