Is This A Peaceful Message Or A Bold Threat Against Humanity ? (Post # 524)

Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammad ,the most revered Muslim scholar in The Islamic World , Theologian and a renowned Imam, recently stated on the AL-JAZZERA news channel( the propaganda center for every radical Islamist group) bluntly and with daring vulgarity .”” We Muslims don’t force people ,the none believers to become Muslims but definitely we will force ISLAM rule on all the world when we have the power.”” Now is this a peaceful message ? Is this a peaceful religious leader ?

The Islamist terrorism epidemic is a bold manifestation of Sheik Omar’s statement.He is the representative of those who are beheading and burning human beings.Whoever(whether he is a liberal, progressive or  fanatic democrat) says he is not in war with these barbaric thugs , he is  afraid of the mythical Islam – phobia .The Secretary of Homeland security refuses to call ISIS Islamist extremism despite ISIS stands for (Islamic state in Iraq and Syria-opacity beyond comprehension)

The Liberal and progressive politicians and their boss in This Administration ought to understand,” no one is  at war with Islam “.Islam is at war within itself , for the last 1400 years,Sunnis are killing Shiat’s and Shiats are killing Sunnis. The present sectarian wars are the proofs.These clueless American Liberal politicians know nothing about Islam or about history.They ought to educate themselves.Enough deception ,lies and ignorance . These terrorists are not martians they are 100%  Muslims.

If Islam is peaceful ! Why 50 million Muslims FLED and millions are fleeing their Muslim countries to live in America,Canada,Australia and Europe ?  They will never go back after they  escaped  persecution , corruption , oppression , injustice and discrimination .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh –


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